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Motörhead On Tour 2002

Motörhead On Tour 2002

Motörhead Supporting their newest release "Hammered" by Sanctuary Recordings

By UnRated Magazine

Lemmy is Rock and Roll and very few people or bands can say or live up to that reputation. Now at the age of 56, Ian Kilmister, known as “Lemmy” has paved the way for many fans and musicians in Rock and Roll. Our opinion, without Lemmy it would be a lone world of music with out the legend himself.

Motörhead has been in all our lives now for over 25 years. Supporting their new CD/Album by the label “Sanctuary Records”. Stations supporting tracks, “Shut Your Mouth” and “Brave New World”. Their latest release with a full on the road show is what Motörhead is for the rock and roll world. Like a circus that you wait in anticipation to see the great spectacle that travels through town to town is a live experience that none of us want to miss. Motörhead and Lemmy are roots to many in rock and if there is one band you must see these days it is Motörhead. Very few musical acts on the road or that are even still active today play in history as Motörhead. This coming summer tours we will see legend such as the Rolling Stones and The Who. They are a must see as is Motörhead.

Motörhead seems to stick to the basics in their live performance. If you seen Motörhead 10, 15, or even 20 years, you will experience the sound, a simple stage with a huge banner of the legendary logo for Motörhead hangs behind in support of the band. Motörhead logo a dog with tusks and chain has remained the mascot since 1975. The stage fills with smoke and the fans in unison pronounce “Motörhead” like a medieval chant, the band walks out on stage and immediately jumps into high distortion and the unbelievable classic sound of Motörhead. One sound is heard, nothing more as the band goes into their first set and the following songs from a vast career that has spanned since the late 1970’s. As Lemmy walks up to his microphone and the smoke disperses you can see the icon of rock standing immense on stage singing into a microphone just bit higher making Lemmy look as an enormous figure in black, wearing cowboy boots and a black cowboy shirt, as you begin to hear the familiar sound of Lemmy’s whaling voice as it takes up in everyone’s ears.

Not being able to make out the first song because of the distortion, sounding as one hum, which can only be “Deaf Forever” from their acclaimed release “Orgasmatron”. Taking in about 10 minutes of what Motörhead really is and allowing my ears to bleed the venom of Motörhead, everyone up front pounding against the stage while security pulling people back. The dance of metal began and as the fans body dive and swim the crowd. Security keeps peace and safety among the fans. Thinking back about 15 years, we came a long way from what security used to be within venues and at Motörhead show.

Moving away from the center front of the stage you see the trio made up of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee of Motörhead a powerful trio that is very well recognized in the music community.

Moving into the set of catalog of songs spanning 3 decades the best are played for the fans that come to see Motörhead. This catalog includes everything from new to classic. Jumping into such famed songs as “Metropolis” that has been on the song line up from the early 1980’s. Then jumping into a few new songs off the new release “Hammered”, Lemmy’s distinct voice and bass fills the room with “Shut Your Mouth” and “Brave New World”. Stopping briefly to mention about his friend that recently passed away, known to Rock and Roll as Joey Ramone, introducing the cut from the “1916” release R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

Following 1990’s classics that have made airplay through out the country, “Born To Raise Hell”. Lemmy joked around and made some comments to the fans, the band goes into a classic line up of unforgettable songs.

Mikkey Dee was the main focus of the song “Sacrifice” as his talents on drums roll out the middle of “Sacrifice”. Former drummer for the metal icon known as King Diamond, Mikkey Dee has had a successful career with Motörhead and his additions in the 1990’s and the new millennium could not be better for the band.

As the lights dimmed and darkness took up the stage, only a green beam of light turned on overhead over the 3 members of the band, as the haunting song known as “Orgasmatron”. One of the best recordings of metal rock, the album and its namesake song can be placed as the best in rock and roll. “Orgasmatron” brought out many fans out of a secluded stance as they watched the previous sets of songs. As ponytails became unwrapped, hats flying off heads, a flashback to 1986 comes into mind. The time when metal was king, and denim, leather and long hair thrashed back and forth for one of the most powerful songs in metal. “Orgasmatron” is an anthem, an anthem to all that possess the love for heavy metal. Everyone sang this song word for word, the chant was distinct, it was Motörhead. “Orgasmatron” could have went on forever, and none would be happier, living what life of metal really is and can only be experienced live on stage in front of the only god of Metal, “LEMMY”.

As Motörhead played such other favorites as “Going To Brazil”, “Killed by Death” and “Iron Fist” the crowd would not stop letting loose full energy that individuals possessed. Upfront it continued to slam and bang as new and old rock and rollers converged onto the stage to get closer and closer to the living legend. As the classic “Iron Fist” finished, Lemmy and the guys greeted everyone and left the stage for a few minutes to begin the showstoppers. During this brief period of intermission, a redheaded dude pops out on stage to give the microphone a few “Test Test Test”, giving a chuckle to the awaiting fans for the encore. As some fans raced out the door to beat the crowd, only spending hard earned money for what is to be the best of Motörhead. It’s better not to show up then to leave during the climax of the night. Survivor’s stayed and new fan additions waited with anticipation for the songs that everyone knew to come next.

Smoke again filled the stage, everyone chanting “Motörhead, Motörhead”, in complete fever waiting for the “Ace of Spades”. The crowd goes wild for the early 1980’s classic that propelled Motörhead in the United States to stardom. One must wonder if Lemmy and Motörhead live tired of playing “Ace of Spades” night after night. We the fans who love the band just can not get enough. The “Ace of Spades” is another one of those songs that goes in unison, when you mention “Ace of Spades”, you know Motörhead is playing next.

Completing a night of heavy metal favorites was “Overkill”. Another showstopper that without can not exist at a Motörhead concert. As the set completes, Lemmy grabs a white towel and dries his head. Leaving the towel wrapped for the remainder on stage, making funny gestures of old European grandma’s, putting a final laugh into the fans hearts as the three walk up to the edge of the stage holding their arms. Lemmy makes a quick mention that Phil Campbell on April 7th has been with the band for 18 years. Taking a bow, the band leaves the stage.