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In Memory Of Niva Bringas, Photographer, Photo Editor, Tour Manager and Friend

September 1, 1964 - September 12, 2007

by Anita Maree Lande

Niva BringasIf you like rock-n-roll, then you probably encountered Niva at least once over the years. He normally would have a large camera around his neck, holding a large camera bag, sometimes wearing a baseball cap, and making his way towards the stage and into the pit to capture some awesome rock-n-roll images. About ten years ago I encountered Niva in the backstage area at Taste of Chicago after a Joan Jett show. He explained to me he was the band's tour photographer and I had been a fan of Joan's music since the early 80's. It was from that point on Niva and I formed a bond and friendship that I will cherish forever. Niva was the photo editor for Midwest Beat Magazine when I met him, he asked me to be his writer, and we traveled over the years to many different shows, meeting and interviewing bands and artists, and sharing experiences that will stay with me forever. We later partnered with Unrated Magazine to continue delivering stories and photos from area concerts.

Niva had a keen eye that could capture the artist and the emotion of the person on stage so well in his pictures. I can remember coming home from shows late at night and we would sit and look at all the images he took.hundreds of them. I was blown away by the perfection of his work. I can remember when he went from film to digital and that took Niva into an entire new world or experimenting the art of photography.

Niva also did extraordinary work with photographing models, having his images make CD covers, and his images were used in many different magazines over the years.

Besides all of this, Niva had a heart of gold, a gentle soul, and he could easily put a smile on your face.

Niva BringaThose who knew him lost a true friend.

My friend Niva, or as I called him Niva Las Vegas, I will miss you so very much.