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Farm Rock festival explodes in Wauconda, IL with over 20 bands showcasing rocks finest hits

Farm Rock festival explodes in Wauconda, IL with over 20 bands showcasing rocks finest hits

The Golf Farm - Wauconda, IL, USA - September 4-5-6, 2015

By Anita Maree Brodersen
Photos by Anita Maree Brodersen

Fun in the corn fields? Absolutely! The three day rock festival known as "Farm Rock" took place in Wauconda, IL next to a large corn field. Hundreds of hard core fans from across the U.S and Canada packed the grounds to hear/see their favorite bands perform. Friday night was a few hours of acoustic sets which featured musicians Robert Sweet, Rikki Rockett, Brandon Gibbs, and Johnny Monaco to name a few.

Saturday the festival kicked into high gear with live music from Noon until 11pm. While the weather was extremely hot and humid, the bands kicked it in high gear and none of them disappointed. Some bands to take note of include Enuff Z'Nuff – lead vocalist/guitarist Johnny Monaco performed their many hits and Chip Z'Nuff helped emcee the event both days. Trixter – lead vocalist Pete Loran had a schedule conflict so lead vocals were handled nicely by Steve Brown. Vixen – the only 'girl band' to perform and they were in top notch form. Kix – can't even remember the last time this band played in Chicagoland and lead singer Steve Whiteman made sure you did not forget their dynamite performance. Sebastian Bach – sounded great and he got quite upset when he and his band had to leave the stage so Night Ranger could perform. (Each band was limited in time so all bands had to stay on schedule). Night Range – flawless set as usual.

Sunday turned out to be sunny, hot, and humid day but sweaty rock-n-roll rules and the bands scheduled shook up the Farm. Some bands to take note of include John Corabi – showcased his Motley Crue songs when he was briefly in the band and tore it up. Steelheart – wow – Mili Matijevic – just wow on his vocals. Firehouse – CJ Snare and team lit the flame hotter. Dokken – the only band that played both nights. Quiet Riot – lead vocalist Jizzy Pearl brought new life to the classic hits. Tom Keifer – I vote this performance the best of all acts during the two full days. Not sure if my vote counts?

Farm Rock Chicago

UnRated Magazine would like to thank Farm Rock for all access to the bands & for the stellar line-up each day. It takes a few days to soak it all in, but my final thought is…"When is Farm Rock 2016?"

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