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L7 at San Diego Music Thing

L7 at San Diego Music Thing

San Diego Music Thing Festival - San Diego, IL, USA - November 14, 2015

By Cynthia Duke
Photos by Dan Locke

San Diego Music Thing is a three day music festival featured across several venues, including, Bar Pink, The Casbah, Soda Bar, The Observatory North Park, The Hideout, The Merrow, The Irenic, Ray at Night and the parking lot behind the Observatory North Park.

The latter is where L7 performed. The parking lot was set up with two small stages, one a bit bigger than the other with bands playing one after the other for a continuous stream of music. The music was loud, reverberating through the parking structure across from it as new comers parked for the fest. Many people walking throughout the streets but seemingly not as much as expected in the parking lot. The ones that were there were crowded in front of the small areas in front of the side by side stages. And the rest visiting the various booths. There were a few high tables set up further back from the stages. This is where I stood and wrote in my notebook.

L7 hit the smaller stage about 7:30 PM. There were some diehard fans at the front of the stage and the rest I'm not sure if they knew what grunge royalty they were in the presence of.

One of the P.A.'s were out when they started but it seems that after a couple songs they resolved the issue.

L7 formed in 1985 and started their recording career in 1987. They have six studio albums, one live and one greatest hits. L7 took a 14 year hiatus from 2001 to 2015 and the current and original lineup consist of Donita Sparks, guitar/vocals, Suzi Gardner, guitar/vocals, Dee Plakas, drums/vocals, and Jennifer Finch, bass/vocals.

In light of the recent Paris attacks, one of which was at an American band, Eagles of Death Metal (not a death metal band...I call it boogie woogie garage rock), concert at Le Bataclan which they barely escaped with their lives. It is a sobering thought that L7 were there at the same venue just months ago in June.

The show was fantastic, full of energy. The crowd not so much. Many attempts were made by the band to get the audience participating but they would fizzle out quickly and just be zombified, through no fault of L7. They brought their "A" game.

Throughout the set, Jennifer stated she was putting some miles on Netflix and Donita acknowledged a fan's tattoo in her private area, I believe, telling her to work that "thing" and jokingly called the people standing in the parking structure across the street watching the show, "Cheapskates."

L7 played a 15 song set with no encores for about an hour. The set list below is to the best of my knowledge. Also I see no more shows coming up but, please, keep checking their website, Facebook and Twitter profiles. Not a show to miss.

Set List:

Thank you and goodnight!