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Alicia G Interview | Music Is In My Blood

Alicia G Interview | Music Is In My Blood

Interview with Pop Singer Alicia G - February 2016

By Dan Locke

Alicia G tells us, "Ever since I was little girl I've been performing onstage and I have always loved every minute of it! Besides competing in beauty pageants, I was trained professionally in dance lessons, acting, modeling, cheerleading, gymnastics, piano, and even classical opera lessons. I think my grandfather really made me interested in music. Not only growing up in a musical environment my grandfather played piano in a 12 piece orchestra. My father supported his way through college playing the drums in a band. Music is in my blood and I'm enjoying every moment of it."

Dan Locke: Did you play any instruments while growing up?

Alicia G: When I was growing up not only did I take classical opera singing lessons but I also played classical piano which I truly love.

Dan Locke: What was the first band you played with?

Alicia G: I have always been a solo artist, but if the time comes to collaborate with the new artist I would love the opportunity.

Dan Locke: How were you discovered?

Alicia G: I made a Single & Video called Pretty Girl did not really know what to do and My Mom got on the internet to find distribution and we called LRT Music Group and met the owner Lisa Thomas who also does my PR and now is my Manager. I have a great team around me and she has placed me with an amazing producer. So looking to be rediscovered by my fans with me new hits coming soon!

Dan Locke: Who are some of the bands you have open up for?

Alicia G: One of the bands that I have opened up for was the Goo Goo Dolls on the main stage which was one of the high lights of my life!

Dan Locke: What can you tell me about your new record what is it going to be like?

Alicia G: My new record coming out is a fun flirty song that all girls will love!

Dan Locke: What is the release date for the record?

Alicia G: I will be releasing a new record in March which I'm super excited about.

Dan Locke: Did you have anyone special helping you get the record finished?

Alicia G: Yes my Producer is amazing! Lloyd Templeton of Temp Beatz!

Dan Locke: Because there is another Alicia G, how are you handling it?

Alicia G: I am handling it completely ok, especially seen they are different genres of music. At the end of the day, there is only the one true and real me which is me Alicia G!!!

Dan Locke: Why did you decided to do the song "Petty Girl" as the first single from the record?

Alicia G: I decided to release pretty girl as my first single, because I wanted to have a fun flirty fan base of all ages of pretty girls! Something fun and flirty to sing to and rap to.

Dan Locke: What are some the things that the "Petty Girl" is part of you?

Alicia G: The song pretty girl and how it is a part of me is I love to have a flirty fun personality. I love shopping and I love to express the fact that all girls are pretty and just want to have fun!

Dan Locke: Any plans to tour?

Alicia G: Yes in the works! Stay Tuned..

Dan Locke: What is the Genre of your music?

Alicia G: The genre of my music is pop HipHop.

Dan Locke: What is your feeling about Vinyl?

Alicia G: I love vinyl, some great albums are on Vinyl wish it would come back!

Dan Locke: What are some of the some of the bands which Influences your music?

Alicia G: Some of the bands or artists who have influenced me were Taylor Swift because you're his talks about her life experiences her life events. Another artist would be Eminem because he always tells A great story and gives an emotional impact in every song he writes and he never holds back which I admire.

Dan Locke: Where does you music come from?

Alicia G: All my music comes from life experiences and all the things that influence me on a day-to-day basis.

Dan Locke: Who would you like to open up for you? Being alive or dead.

Alicia G: I would love to be able to open up for Eminem one day.

Dan Locke: What instruments do us on tour vs. the ones you record with in the studio?

Alicia G: Not on tour yet, so not sure my manager is getting a live band together for me.

Dan Locke: What is the biggest crowd you have play for?

Alicia G: The biggest crowd I ever performed in front of was up near close to 10,000 people which was extremely exciting and loved every moment of it!

Dan Locke: What direction do you see your music heading in the next 2 years and your long term goals of your music?

Alicia G: The direction I see my music going in the next two years is all the way to the top the sky's the limit. As and independent artist looking for that major collaboration in the future or just remain independent . During this time though continue recording new songs and making new music videos and building a strong fan base.

Dan Locke: What fest would you like to play?

Alicia G: ANY

Dan Locke: Who would you like to open up for?

Alicia G: I would love to open up for Eminem he is definitely a role model in his music as how he never holds back and tells and gives it his all.

Dan Locke: Who would you like to be a support artist for?

Alicia G: Eminem or Katy Perry

Dan Locke: What artist would you like to play with and why?
Living or dead?

Alicia G: I would love to perform one day with Eminem he is always been one of my true motivations for music.

Dan Locke: Are you BMI or ASCAP?

Alicia G: I and ASCAP affiliated.

Dan Locke:What is on you ipod right now?

Alicia G: Some Eminem, Katy Perry, Adele, Classical Piano Taylor Swift, Salena Gomez .I have such a wide variety of music on my iPad I love all genres of music. I love especially upbeat music that puts me in a great mood.

Dan Locke: If you could pick any cartoon character who would it be and why?

Alicia G: I would say Superwomen, the reason why is because no matter what obstacle comes in her way she always finds a way to overcome it and is strong powerful individual just like me!

Dan Locke: What music do you listens to relax?

Alicia G: I do love classical piano music it definitely relaxes me.

Dan Locke:Anything you like to close with?

Alicia G: I am excited about all the upcoming opportunities that have came my way this year. Especially The worldwide national release of my debut song pretty girl which is praying and FM radio in the US and overseas and 52 countries. Also about recording new songs and having a new music video coming out soon!