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Cheap Trick

Forty years ago Cheap Trick released "Cheap Trick." Cheap Trick thrilled its fans with a collection of songs capturing the raw rock and roll fierceness of their live performances. I actually saw Cheap Trick perform when they toured together back in 1977, but that's ancient history, well sort of...

It's 2017, Cheap Trick teams up with Foreigner for a 40th anniversary tour. Have they changed in 40 years? Well, everyone gets older, but the power and excitement of their live performances is still very much intact.

Playing in front of their signature checkerboard stage backdrop, "Hello There" began a 14 song set of classic favorites, some new tunes from the latest album "We're All Alright" and even Tom Peterson taking the lead vocals on "I'm Waiting for the Man," a Velvet Underground song.

Rick Nielsen might move a little slower than he did 40 years ago, but he's still fun to watch. Switching guitars on each and every song, jumping on top of his signature riser, flinging guitar pics at the audience, his stage antics add a fun characteristic to the chords and solos that define the music of Cheap Trick.

Robin Zander, dressed in white, (similar to what he typically wore back in '77) showed he still has that powerful voice. Not many singers can perform songs with the same depth and range 40 years later, but Robin sure can. From the smooth and melodic "Heaven Tonight" to "Surrender" and "Dream Police," he shows he's still got it, and will for a lot longer!

Cheap Trick New Album

Tom Petersen, looking quite mysterious dressed in black, sporting a hat and bandana covering his neck, played his custom 12 string bass with power and fury, making those massive power chords. Tom always looks like he's having so much fun playing up on stage. Nice work if you can get it LOL. Rick's son Daxx took over the role as drummer a few years ago, and he does an outstanding job. Listen closely and you'll realize just how important that drum sound is to Cheap Trick's Music.

"Goodnight" (which only appeared on the B side of the single "Surrender") and the appearance of Rick's famous 5 neck Hamer custom guitar ended their set.

Set List for Chicago Show

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