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About Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Nothing could motivate me more to go out on a Thursday night after my big girl job, than having a phenomenal band in town which I have admired from the very 1st time my ears gave a listen.

Gabriel and the Apocalypse (GATA) hit the Chicagoland area with their vicious tour with Wednesday 13 on Thursday July 13th at the famous Wire in Berwyn, IL, USA.

I kind of knew what to expect from this massive band hailing from Minnesota. A hard hitting enormous production of high gravity metal kicking each audience member in the face.

GATA processes a level of energy that is beyond a realm you would expect. Its more than a metal show. Its an experience which will forever change your outlook on Goth music. The lyrics are heavily influenced by PJ Harvey and a sense of Nine Inch Nails comes in full force without anyone blinking an eye. You love it and crave more from GATA.

I respect the hell out of the front woman Lindy Gabriel. She inhabits an aura of intelligence, a look of beauty and radiance with an edge and a powerful stance on stage while she belts out her well-crafted songs.

GATA's performance that night was nonstop and I couldn't halt myself thrashing along with them. There was a certain smell of sex and almost a good amount of sin happening. Yet, it all balanced out when the crowd was singing along with songs, March of the Dolls," "Thrill of the Kill" and "Beauty Under Glass..."

I have turned a lot of my friends onto GATA. This band is one to take a listen to. Their talent goes beyond your typical run of the mill metal band. Its an experience and you are in for the thrill.

So check them out next month at The Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL on Aug. 06, 2017. And tell them that Coren told me to check you guys out.

Story by Coren McLeod, July 2017.

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