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Johnta Austi

Last update: September 2006
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Johnta Austi

by Stefanie Newell

Johnta AustinJermaine Dupri was in Chicago at Joe's Sports Bar on August 8 th , showcasing the talents of his new artist Johnta Austin. Johnta will soon be releasing his debut single "Turn It Up" on Jermaine's SoSo Def/Virgin debut "Ocean Drive". Johnta like many of the newer artists coming into the industry is an accomplished songwriter, having written Tyrese's "Sweet Lady" (1998), Tony Braxton's "Just Be A Man (About It)" (2000); and his first R&B No.1, Aaliyah's "Miss You (I Miss You)" (2002). In addition to these successful singles that Johnta has written, even as young as sixteen, he has also contributed songs to Mariah Carey's The Emancipation of Mimi, Mary J. Blige's lead single "The Breakthrough", Chris Brown's "Yo…Excuse Me", and Janet Jackson's "Call On Me". Johnta's show was impressive as his contagious stage presence and live vocals mirrored the talents of his songwriting. Bombay Sapphire hosted this impressive showcase.