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Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage rose to fame with its 2004 release The End of Heartache and has been a force to be wrecking with since. The band formed in 1999 with singer Jessie Leach but then Leach left the band in 2002 when Leach was replaced by vocalist Howard Jones. Jones is who I saw singing the last time I saw Killswitch Engage but as time goes by Killswitch Engage found themselves singer-less for a second time in 2012, Leach was full of piss and vinegar to reclaim what was once his spot. Jessie Leach proved that he can take the role as lead singer and continue as a forceful lead singer and here we are getting ready to see them in action tonight.

The crowd is filling in as the thrash metal band Havok from Denver start to get this crowd warmed up. Havok is a high energy band that has this crowd early. They are great musicians with some technical nuances, which is why these guys are the younger thrash metal bands that will carry the torch going forward. Havok definitely won this crowd over and gained some new fans, as they just primed the crowd while waiting for Killswitch Engage to take the stage.

This co-headliner tour has Killswitch Engage playing second and Anthrax Headlining tonight. I love this tour for the simple reason the crowd is so mixed full of older people and younger people, it's great to see. The lights are out and the crowd is ready for a great night as Killswitch Engage blasts the stage right off the bat starting the night with an old favorite "Rose of Sharyn," also out of the 17 song Setlist of old favorites "My Last Serenade," "Hate By Design" and "The End Of Heartache." Jessie Leach commanded the crowd with his stage presence back and forth all night. Adam Dutkiewicz was crazy on guitar all night jumping around with his knee brace on and at one point decided to sneak out into the crowd and play guitar which had some of his road crew leary about that decision but at the end of the day the fans loved it. To finish the night off for Killswitch Engage they played an a amazing cover of Dio's "Holy Diver," featuring Joey Belladonna to close their set. Having Joey come out and sing that song is so perfect. The Crowd was rowdy and moshing it up with some bodysurfing of course and I will only expect the same when Anthrax takes the stage now.

Anthrax and Killswitch Engage Concert Review Jake Warkel, February 2018

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