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About One Eyed Doll

One Eyed Doll is Kimberly Freeman

One Eyed Doll

With a following of fans Kimberly Freeman of One Eyed Doll, is undeniable and has a fearless attitude within the music industry, I was prepared on a rainy night to expect the unexpected at The Forge in Joliet, IL, on October 6th, 2017.   I was first introduced to One Eyed Doll through a friend that has exceptional taste in music which goes beyond the typical realm of the ordinary.    Thank you Shea!!!!

I love being surprised at shows at concerts

Considering, I have now been to over 400 concerts.  I am not impressed with musicians just standing there, playing their instruments and not being engaging with the audience.  That is not what you will receive from Austin natives Kimberly Freeman and Jason Rufuss Sewell of One Eyed Doll.

One Eyed Doll New Music with Something Wicked

With their current EP out "Something Wicked," the crowd at The Forge was ready for a high energy show with

Gothic undertones thrown in and maybe some dark humor as well.

Kimberly Freeman Owns the Stage

Personally, I loved seeing Kimberly Freeman on stage with her long and luxurious raven black hair.  She owns the stage.  She is all over the place with precise timing of dance moves, guitar work and outfit changes.  It is like Maria Brink of In This Moment but clearly not as long with the wardrobe changes.  #justsaying

Kimberly's look screams haunting beauty yet her sweet personality comes alive and everyone eats it up.  Kimberly belts out favorites like "Be My Friend" and "Witches..."  While also doing songs from the new EP, Something Wicked.  One which stand outs to me is "Superstar" with hypnotizing guitar work, tantalizing vocals and pounding drumming. I find One Eyed Doll to be like the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas..."  A dark and evil side thrown together with a love that is on a level only a few can understand.  Listen to "Fish Knife" on "Something Wicked."  You will get it along with the song "Loss of Life."

Jason Rufuss Sewell is Awesome

To me, Kimberly Freeman and Jason Rufuss Sewell are the perfect blend of awesomeness.  He is a phenomenal musician, a handsome man with a heart of gold.  You can see the trust between him and Freeman.  (Especially when she jumps into the drum set at the very end of the show and he catches her...  You will not see me ever do that....  EVER!!!!!)  It astounding to see two people work so well together.  It makes me believe there is still hope in this world...

Kimberly Freeman Love Their Fans

I loved at the end of the show, Kimberly Freeman climbed out to their merchandise table and so very eager to meet her fans.  This I say a huge cheers to both Kimberly Freeman and Jason Rufuss Sewell of One Eyed Doll.  Bands should not only take note of how well these two treat their fans.  They should also look at how they perform and what it takes to make it in this industry.  It is tough.  It is rough. Yet, if you work your ass off and stay true to yourself, you may one day be on a level One Eyed Doll is....   And that is a big maybe....

Story byCoren McLeod, October 6, 2017.

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