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Abby Gennet (Vocals, Guitar), Pat Harrington (Lead Guitar), Charles Ruggiero (Sticks), Jhen Kobran (Bass)

Biography by SLUNT

Based in NYC, SLUNT formed in 2002 when Mtv2 VJ & aspiring rock photographer Abby Gennet sought to get on the other end of the camera lens. I was shooting all these bands & then one day I said to myself, `You know what I dont want to SHOOT the band. I want to BE the band! So she dusted off her guitar and got down to business. Gennet started jamming with some friends at a recording studio in her neighborhood & thats where she met drummer Charles Ruggiero. We clicked right away, says Ruggiero. "We knew there was something special there.

After a few gigs around New York City, Gennet and Ruggiero decided to "heavy up their sound" & found lefty guitar ace Pat Harrington. Harrington, who slams down raw & catchy guitar riffs as flawlessly as he does a six-pack of PBR, caught the attention of Gennet & Ruggiero while playing a gig with his previous band, Gaggle of Cocks. "He was ripping it up on the guitar," says Gennet. "The stage actually caught on fire that night. We knew right then & there that we needed him in this band."

With the release of their 2005 debut album, Get A Load Of This, produced by Scrap 60 (Eddie Wohl & Anthraxs Rob Caggiano,) SLUNT hit the road & toured extensively across the US & Europe with rock greats like Marilyn Manson, Motörhead, Drowning Pool, COC, Zeke, & Mondo Generator. Theyve been a traveling rock & roll circus ever since.

In early 2006 while writing new music, SLUNT discovered bassist Jhen Kobran. "Jhen's a perfect fit for us", says Harrington, "She's really added to the band. Her ability to play and smash herself around the stage is only rivaled by her ability to party. Like I said, a perfect match." Kobran (formally of Halfcocked & Bronson) immediately left Las Vegas & her life as a champion goat milker behind to join up with SLUNT & get to work on the new album.

A few months later, SLUNT's sophmore effort One Night Stand was born. Produced & recorded in L.A. by self-proclaimed world famous producer Mudrock (think Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold & Alice Cooper,) the album promises a heavier, sexier sound this time around. We wanted to make an album you could fuck to, says Gennet. That was our goal.

Matured by their extensive touring with all of the aforementioned bands and countless hours in the van exposing one another to their varied musical tastes, SLUNT has done just that. With a new take on an old rock & roll attitude, the album bursts with heavy riffs, a powerful rhythm section & unapologetic sex n booze-influenced vocals that give SLUNT its unique edge. The lyrics scream girl power yet not in a feminist I hate boys kind of way. Its more in the vein of `This is what I want, so Im gonna go out & get it, says Gennet. Im so sick of the taboos & standards that we live by. If a guy sleeps around hes macho, but if a girl sleeps around, shes a slut. Thats bullshit. I think we should all be able to make our own decisions & not be judged by them.

That being said, there are songs about dirty blondes, threesomes, anal sex & (as the album title implies) one night stands. You wont find much sentimentality here. No sir. There is, however, one track called Need You Tonight in which Gennet coos about the difficulties of being out on the road & away from the one you love. Coincidentally, her sweetie, former Fuel frontman Brett Scallions, happened to be in town when they were recording the vocals & laid down some guest harmonies. When he was in there singing the harmonies it gave us all the chills, says Gennet. He really added something sweet that the song was missing.

The most appealing aspect of SLUNT has to be their live show (its really more of an assault) with their post-show antics coming in at a close second. Theyre notorious for hanging out at the merch booth after shows & partying with fans, where they usually end up signing all kinds of body parts. The worst is when I ruin a perfectly good Sharpie on someones sweaty ass, says Kobran. Thats why I always carry more than one! The real fun begins when Abby busts out the camera & starts taking photographs for the SLUNT photo gallery. By visiting the photo gallery the next day, fans can see who who earned the title Dirty SLUNT. "It's a kind of 'badge of honor," Ruggiero smirks.

If you havent seen SLUNT live & dont know when youll be able to make it out to a show, fear not. For the past few months, theyve been documenting their life on the road for an online reality show appropriately titled Abby Road. The show, which premieres every Thursday night (10:15pm EST) on channelblast.com, chronicles the trials and tribulations of being in a band & shows how unglamorous it all can really be. This way voyeuristic fans can not only see what goes on during a show, but they can also get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes.

With their album in place & ready to hit stores on October 10th, SLUNT is already on tour in the US & will be returning to the UK & Germany this fall to give people a live taste of whats in store for them. Make sure to check their tour dates at myspace.com/SLUNT to see if their coming to YOUR town you just might get a body part signed!

SLUNT's new album, One Night Stand, was released in the US Oct 31st and in Europe Oct 10th... so check it, punks!

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