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Josie Aiello

Three backup singers are warming up in the green room just over the back kitchen of a club on the north side of Chicago. They tighten up harmonies while going over parts for the evening's concert. Still, the star of the show, Josie Aiello is off making sure all of the details of her record release party goes well. Even though she should be resting, Ms Aiello bursts in and begins working the crowd.

The record release party at Marty's in Chicago, IL (her home town) is packed to the gills. Old and new friends, industry professionals and family are all gathered to hear the new songs from the president and CEO of Lady J Entertainment (Josie's own record label).

Aiello is an award winning songwriter that takes her own life issues, ponders tem and then presents them to world. Where I Am, the title track finds Aiello at a cross roads in her career. "I tried to run my life, but it's been running me. Disappointments my friends; who needs enemies. Confused about heaven and scared as hell, yeah I got issues...well," lyrics from Where I Am.

Where I Am has the intensity of her previous release Unkunvenshunal Girl, but chills out vocals with music and incorporates neo-soul with hip-hop, Latin and world beat rhythms. She is multi-talented individual that knows that it takes more than one person to creative a great body of work. From the stage the gives shout outs to producers, songwriters and musicians that have helped her achieve her current project.

Her band comprised of young hungry musicians that walk a spiritual journey with Aiello. She has incorporated some youth members from her church that bring their own musical influences to Josie's style. The Where I Am is more of a group project tan one person's vision. The CD includes local artists: Ladee Flipside, Devin Thompson, Pastor Chris Harris, J. Stokes and Chrystal Harris. Make no mistake, it's all Josie, but she is more like the conductor in this train ride.

Biography by Jackie Lee King

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