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For the last 8 years Zebadiah Anderson has hustled his way through the ranks of Chicago's top recording studios. A veteran at his young age, he has had the blessing of working with and learning from some of the highest profile artists and executives in the music industry.

Born Zebadiah S Anderson, a gift from God. Versatile was raised on the west side of Chicago, the Fifth City. Always outspoken, and borne from a strong proud family, Verse had been selected at just the age of eight to journey back to study his heritage and attend a very prestigious school in West Africa. This trip undoubtedly shaped his outlook and understanding. He spoke at cultural and political events, and stood in what would become history.

The winter's cold in Chicago, Verse found himself back into the unforgiving Chi city streets. He is one of many born into a legacy of gang violence and human rights struggle. He found his outlet through music. As a gifted performing percussionist, verse befriended a teacher who recognized the raw young talent of Mr. Anderson. By age fourteen Verse was scoring production tracks from Chicago native No I.D. Chicago's inner circle of music has blessed Verse well. Through his years he developed a strong beneficial relationship with the pillars of Chicago Rap, including godfather Shorty Capone. Through his trials, Verse has worked with legends, such as, Suge at Death Row, Puff at Bad Boy, a list of well know writer producer's and execs. He learned above all not to sacrifice artistry for fame. "Do you. Make good music and the people will follow" With close by advisers and friends in the industry, such as Chili or Charles.(C.E.O. of First and Fifteenth) housing artists such as lupe fiasco and Gemini; John Monopoly of Hustle and good music (housing artist such as Kanye West, John Legend and Common.) Verse is ready for whatever.

Verse has compiled a vast library of work in anticipation of the awakening. "More than Music: The Street Album" will be available first as a limited edition print, and in stores, Aug 2007.

Biography by Family Business Records 2007

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