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Bob Kulick

Bob Kulick's professional resume exemplifies success in both his craft and within the music industry.

In addition to touring with some of rock’s top acts over the years, including Alice Cooper, Meatloaf, and Paul Stanley; Bob Kulick produced Motorhead's Grammy® Award-Winning Song, "Whiplash" which won in 2004 for Best Metal Performance. He also produced, and along with singer/songwriter Dave Eisley (Guiffria) performed and co-wrote the song "Sweet Victory" from the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS' Yellow album -- a disc which has sold over 125,000 copies to-date.

He’s earned 11 Platinum or Gold records working with acts like KISS, Diana Ross (Played lead guitar/solos on the #1 hit singles "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" & "Mirror, Mirror") Meatloaf, and for his contribution to the album WWE Vol. 5; where he produced and played guitar on the Theme, "THE GAME", for WWE Superstar Wrestler and current Heavyweight Champion, Triple H. (Gold record - Koch Entertainment.)

Keeping up with his extended KISS family, Bob played and toured on Paul Stanley’s solo works, and co-wrote "Now That You're Gone" from Gene Simmons' CD "Asshole" in 2004. He was also the one to suggest brother Bruce to fill the vacancy left by KISS player, Vinnie Vincent, in 1984 - a gig for Bruce that would last 12 years and a personal relationship (for both Kulick brothers) that would last a lifetime.

He’s recorded in-studio and/or toured with some of the best in the business:

Bob Kulick has also coordinated, arranged, played on and produced a collection of records dedicated to rock's finest acts. BUTCHERING THE BEATLES, is a uniquely tasteful (we’re pretty sure Lennon & MacCartney would approved) metal tribute to his favorite band. He’s also tackled the likes of Metallica, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Queen, Iron Maiden and Pink Floyd, all with a little help from his rock -n- roll friends.

Most recently, Bob produced WE WISH YOU A METAL XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR, a metal Xmas CD featuring new takes on classic standards. The CD released October 2008 on Amoury Records and was Executive Produced by metal maven, Wendy Dio.

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