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Jackdawg - the lovechild result of mixing a dash of Doobie and a pinch of CCR - is a mellow but sultry collection of songs crafted by people who know how to write good music.

This melodic powerhouse of a trio consists of guitarist John McFee and drummer Keith Knudsen of the Doobie Brothers, and Creedence Clearwater Revival bassist Stu Cook. Knudsen has since passed on - but with this, he leaves behind yet another project worthy of speaking for him in his absence.

Recorded in the late 80's and early 90's, t he 15-song self-titled release offers a plethora of quality, no-nonsense rock and roll tunes with a slight southern rock twang to them.

Highlights of this disc include:

The aptly titled "Bayou Rebel" - my personal favorite - with its groovy-grit, this song is a genuine toe-tapper.


"When The Sun Don't Shine" which is soulful and steamy, the sexy and driving "Take It Off," and "Kisses In The Rain" is flowing with almost a nostalgic feel to it.


"I Couldn't Help Myself" has got a mellow spunkiness, "Young Ones" - which is the perfect aural backdrop for a scene in a movie, "The Girl From Oz" with it's aggressive guitar intro, and the fun rendition of Van Morrison's "Wild Night."

Additional songs include:

"The Men Who Would Be King," "Hunger," "Ghost Dance," "Quicksand," the energy-fueled "Lookin' For Trouble," and "Cold Night For Alligators."


This is a project has that could have easily fallen off the radar and never seen the light of day - but fortunately for music fans this is a release that was destined to be heard.

Story by Melanie "Sass" Falina ©2009.

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