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Arunaa was born in Chennai, India. She was brought up at Toronto, Canada where she is currently living too. She is a singer, song-writer, model and actress too. She puts deep creativity into everything that she does. Her music is influenced by western and eastern genres. Being a fusion of both the streams, Arunaa puts a rich blending and flavor to her music stream. Her experiences add depth, her zest for life adds frivolity and her talent for words makes her music memorable. She has her unique sense of creativity and art. Having a rich and colorful artistic mode, she puts a lot of bliss to everything she does. The ecstasy ranges from almost every form of art. Her melodies are quite harmonious and glitzy. Her music attracts a wide range of people and fans.

Arunaa doesn't believe in a conventional and traditional kind of approach. She highly believes in novelty and innovation and every time bringing out something new and novel to her fans. She is unique, different and awesome. She always dares to be different and that's why she stands out among others. She feels most alive when conquering her fears and is always looking for the next challenge. She is challenge facer and a strong believer in herself. She is ambitious and passionate and puts a lot of effort in everything that she does.

"You sound like Amy Wine house except happier!"
Bohemian, INDIA

Biography by Sadaf Fayyaz ©2010.

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