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Luisa Maita

Luisa Maita

Luísa Maita is a Brazilian singer-songwriter whose debut album was released in US and Europe by Cumbancha Discovery label in May 2010.

Luisa was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 27, 1982, into a musical family. Her father, Amado Maita, was a composer and musician and her mother, Myriam Taubkin, is a music producer.

The samba was very present in Luisa's early days because of the experiences with her father in Bexiga, a working class neighborhood in Sao Paulo famous for its culture, food and music, and where Vai-Vai, São Paulo’s most traditional samba school, is based.

Luisa starts singing her father's compositions and also classic sambas and bossa nova. Her professional career begins at the age of seven, singing in some jingles.

Her main influences come from the personality and energy of western black music, notably the samba. The dance, the instruments, the melodies, the drumming, the body language in samba it’s a huge influence to Luisa's music as the pop music from Michael Jackson, Prince and Stevie Wonder. Luísa also has another passion: the bossa nova that "has a certain silence that I love, sensuality and a certain expression of peace that I find quite clear in my music too".

In 1999, Luisa founded her first band called Urbanda, starts to sing with Daniel Taubkin and also as backing-vocal for Jair Rodrigues. After that, Luisa collaborates with artists from her generation like Max de Castro, Mariana Aydar, Ricardo Teté and Danilo Moraes, Ricardo Herz, among others.

In 2006, the Brazilian singer Virgínia Rosa recorded two songs by Luisa in her album "Samba a Dois". The songs stand out in the CD and encouraged Luisa to compose more. In 2009, Mariana Aydar released her second album with a composition of Luisa and Rodrigo Campos, "Beleza", one of the best songs of th year by Rolling Stone Brazil magazine. Luisa also appears in four songs of Rodrigo Campos debut album "Sao Materus Nao E Um Lugar Assim Tão Longe" and as the singer of the promotional videos for Rio 2016 Olympic games directed by Fernando Meirelles. Because of these works, Luisa had some great reviews in the Brazilian press without having yet released any solo album.

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