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About Sabrosa Purr

Sabrosa Purr

Will Love (guitar) , Jeff Mendel (guitar), Angie Mattson (bass), Mahsa Zargaran (drums)

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Sabrosa Purr

Sabrosa Purr is a genre-defying band from Los Angeles, California. The band comprises four members: Will Love is the guitarist, Jeff Mendel is the lead guitarist, Angie Mattson is on bass and Mahsa Zargaran is on drums. Their self-produced début EP was released in and then the follow-up EP was released in 2009. Their full album, produced by Tracy Chisholm, is estimated to be released in fall 2010. The band has performed and toured several places like US and Japan. Some of the beautiful songs by the band include "Fashion kills", "The Lovely People", "Closer" and "One Weak Moment".

Sadaf Fayyaz: What would you say about your education and music training?

Will Love: I took some lessons at home, else I am self-taught.

Jeff Mendel: Same as Will, took a few lessons as a kid, but mostly self-taught.

Mahsa Zargaran: Classically trained in piano since the age of five. Self taught in other instruments with help and tips from my awesome musician friends (i.e. I wouldn't be the drummer I am today without input from Mr. Love).

SF: What would be your inspiration in music?

Will Love: Mine came from tones, textures, ambiance, peanut butter, espresso and John C. Reilly.

Jeff: Definitely inspired by Bill Murray and Ramen

Mahsa Zargaran: I'm inspired by details, rain, Balenciaga, Le Corbusier, Ayn Rand, fog, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Daniel Day Lewis, Rachmaninoff.

SF: Give a brief intro of the band members.

Will Love- Singer/Guitarist, I started the band. I wear tighter pants than are probably fashionable which is probably what inspired our song "Fashion Kills", which is today the #4 most requested song on KROQ's Locals Only Top 5!

Jeff - Guitars and socks

Mahsa Zargaran: I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran and had never even heard of The Beatles until a few years ago, so I never thought I would ever be in a band in my life, let alone be the drummer of one of my favorite bands of all time! I saw Sabrosa Purr live at Spaceland in 2008. Fell in love with everything about the band and became an instant fan, and I can't believe that now I get to be the Purr drummer!

SF: What made you guys go for music?

Will Love: My uncle; He was a great musician who played in bars all over Texas. Seemed like a whole helluva lot of fun.

Jeff: My brother gave me a Jimi Hendrix album when I was 12 and it changed my life.

Mahsa Zargaran: I never thought I had the option of pursuing music as something that's more than a hobby until 5 years ago when I moved to Los Angeles and went to recording school thinking it would be fun to learn to record music I write in my spare time someday. I had never met any musicians until then. And that changed my life forever.

SF: What was the first instrument you learnt playing and at what age?

Will Love- Drums at age twelve. I played snare drum in the marching band.

Jeff: I got a guitar when I was thirteen

Mahsa Zargaran: Piano at five.

SF: Tell about your favorite bands and musicians.

Will Love: Radiohead, Prince, Oasis and Eminem

Jeff: Floyd

Mahsa Zargaran: Massive Attack, Portishead, NIN, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Scott Walker, George Michael, Pink Floyd & Sabrosa Purr of course! (I hadn't heard any of these bands until only a few years ago, except for George Michael. Yes, apparently I did grow up under a rock.)

SF: Share a few lines on your upcoming album.

Will Love: well our upcoming album is named "To The Crickets and The Ghosts" that is a triumph over adversity as I imagine most albums by indie bands are. That album is intense because our lives were so intense while writing and recording it. But, there's some beauty in there as well. The overflow of beauty can be found on our EP "Volaras".

SF: Where would you place your music genre?

Will Love: Indie/Alternative/Glam & Shoegaze

Jeff: I'd throw in Rock, too.

SF: Tell something about your cover songs?

Will Love: Yes, so many

Jeff: Yes.

Will Love: Ok, we're being smartasses, you really meant to know what they were. :) I did"Cocaine" by Clapton/JJ Cale and "To Bring You My Love" by PJ Harvey, and "The Cross" by Prince. But, we've yet to record that last one.

SF: How do you learn things?

Will Love: Currently from pain and the internet.

Jeff: I learn from books.

Mahsa Zargaran: Books. And Will Love. The guy is an information junkie. I almost can cancel my internet or any connection with the outside world, maybe even go back to living under a rock and I wouldn't miss a thing that goes on as long as he visits my rock once in a while.

SF: What is music according to you?

Will Love: I suppose music could be defined as "when various sonic elements get along with each other".

Jeff: "sounds that make your brain say 'yummy'"

Mahsa Zargaran: An engagement with others (not necessarily humans)

SF: What message would you like to give the readers?

Will Love: You are more appreciated by these 4 people that most of you have never met than you could possibly imagine.

Jeff: Come to our shows! Naked!

Mahsa Zargaran: I am very excited for you to discover us! There are textures we've been making that I've never heard any other band create.

Interview by Sadaf Fayyaz ©2010.

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