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Jon Oliva (vocals,guitar), Christopher Kinder (drums), Dan Fasciano (keyboard), Jim Morris (guitar)

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It took a while: more than 30 years after founding the legendary SAVATAGE, Jon OLIVA presents his first ever solo album! Having released albums with Savatage first and Jon Oliva’s Pain later, this first OLIVA solo album was about to become different: “Raise The Curtain” combines Jon’s early music influences of Prog Rock/70’s with the sound he cultivated with Savatage and Jon Oliva’s Pain. The result is a high-class, thrilling musical journey, something all lovers from (Prog) Rock to Metal shouldn’t miss.

“After the passing of my dear friend Matt LaPorte I felt very confused about the future of Jon Oliva’s Pain”, Oliva speaks out. “A week or so after Matt’s service, I was speaking to my friend Dan Fasciano about what I wanted to do. He suggested that I come by his home where he has a full studio and we just hang out and record whatever I had that I wanted to demo. Unknown to me at the time, Dan also had tons of unfinished music that he wanted to do something with. It was very strange because he had tons of stuff and so did I. I don't remember how we actually started writing together but it just happened.”


“Then it became almost like a competition. I would show up at his house at 9am and we just started combining what we both had and somehow it was magic. He would say on the phone I hope you got something because I do. We recorded over 60 songs in a very short period of time. I was amazed at the fact that his music and mine were very similar and easy to join together. I knew that this CD was going to be different and I wanted to play as much of it myself as I could. This was something I had to do for me and for Criss”.

“Dan and Chris Kinder’s (Jon Oliva’s Pain drummer) help was crucial to this CD coming out the way it did. The work of Tom and Jim Morris and Wayne Le'fleur, was also crucial.”

“The fact that this is the last of Criss's music (who died 20 years ago in a car accident), makes me sad but I'm also happy that I got all his music out to the fans because that's what he would have wanted. Everyone who pushed me to do this album: I thank you, your support is crucial to me. I so much loved recording this CD and I got to fulfill my deepest musical fantasy. At the same time I got the rest of the Criss’s music out. It was a labor of love, I'm very proud of thank you all for listening.”

“Raise The Curtain” will be released as CD (first edition comes as Digipak) and strictly limited double-vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve (800 copies worldwide only). The mighty Jon OLIVA again proves to be a warrant for quality music and one of the most charismatic songwriters and musicians of our time. Even after milestones like “Hall Of The Mountain King”, “Gutter Ballet”, “Streets” and “Maniacal Renderings” (just to name a few), the Mountain King still has so much to give. Welcome to the OLIVA show: “Raise The Curtain”!

Source: AFM Records 2013.

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