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Hawks of Metropolis

If anything in life is certain, it's that things change.

It's a simple enough expression that one hears and thinks, "Yeah, I get that." But it isn't until a person wears some scuffs from the bumps and knocks in life that they really get that expression.

We have arguments with our family members, friends move away, we change jobs or schools - an entire cluster of things can happen and life changes - but that's not to say that all change is bad - change is one of the primary forces in the personal evolution which we all need in life. Sometimes there are situations and people in our lives that are beneficial at the time they're present but then we outgrow them, or we simply move on to bigger and better opportunities.

Musician and vocalist, Dan Nelson's path thus far has already had a few bends in the road. He first came on to the radar of most music enthusiasts with his stint in the thrash metal band Anthrax. Since moving on, he hasn't yet come up for air from the whole creating process. With his first child at home and a slew of new ventures, Dan Nelson describes himself at this point in his life as, "content, blessed, and ever growing." Working on both solo material and with other musicians as well, there are a lot of exciting things happening in the world of Mr. Nelson - one of which is his band, Hawks of Metropolis, with percussionist John Joseph Cina and bassist Dan "Shaggy" Hoffman.

The collective effort of this project is much more than three musicians coming together to write and play, Nelson describes his band mates in earnest as, "...reliable, caring, multi-talented - - - brothers."

There's also a great deal of reverence within each of these guys for one another as well...

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Interview by Melanie Falina, November 2013.

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