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Counterfeit i

In a world where honest music is a rare commodity, Counterfeit i stands apart and plays with real emotion and intensity. This Chicago-based experimental group, founded by Derek Allen in 2008, does not care about mass appeal and refuses to sacrifice artistic integrity for the fleeting fame that the music industry so readily offers. From their first release, Circuitry (2009) to their last EP, Search Party (2010), Counterfeit i has progressed and grown on their own terms, creating only music that is real and true to themselves.

Their newest album, a glimpse, an eclipse, continues in this tradition. Recorded and produced throughout 2011, Counterfeit i has again delivered a true work of art that all fans of honest music can appreciate. However, it is much heavier than its predecessors, as made evident by the first track “®this”. With its dynamic journey leading from sound design to pounding rhythms and abrasive guitars, “®this” is a great opener for the collection of songs that is a glimpse, an eclipse.

“This time around I wanted to make an album that didn’t have a concept,” says Derek. Barring two songs, a glimpse, an eclipse is a 10 track album of individual songs that share no concept except offering a passionate glimpse into mysteries of the human condition and happenings in modern society.

Derek adds, “The music on this album is definitely representative of the last year of our lives.” And this is what Counterfeit i is all about: expressing themselves and their experiences through sound.

Source: Bit Riot Records, 2014

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