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Vancouver, Canada’s NOISE THERAPY--DAVE OTTOSON (vocals), BOBBY JAMES (drums), KAI (guitar), ROB THIESSEN (bass) and JAMES F (keyboards).

After making an indelible mark on the musical face of their Canadian homefront, NOISE THERAPY is set to expand its fan base in America, criss crossing the country on tour. Before the August 13, 2002 release of their U.S debut, the band had three Canadian releases in less than five years and had toured extensively across Canada in a van, honing their trade in the seediest bars and clubs. "We've got a crazy live show--there are always a lot of injuries onstage, bodies getting thrown around and people going crazy," says Thiessen. "Canada knows our reputation as a live band, now it's time to show America."

TENSION was produced by Mike Plotnikoff (KISS, Fear Factory, Cranberries), who was joined behind the controls by a team including Yes keyboardist Igor, John Mellencamp guitarist Mike Wanchic, and former Frontline Assembly and Fear Factory manipulator Rhys Fulber. The result is an album as addictive as it is corrosive.

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