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Doro Pesch

Doro Pesch

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Doro Pesch

For those who need a quick history lesson - Doro Pesch is the "Freyja" of Heavy Metal. In Nordic mythology Freyja is described as

a goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Blonde, blue eyed and beautiful, Freyja is the fairest goddess of them all. She is also

associated with war, battle, magic and prophecy. Does such a woman exist? She did at the Annex Wreck room in Toronto, on March 25th,


For 25 years, Doro's unique combination of fantasy goddess looks and a distinctive voice earned her the right to be seated at the

round table with titans such as Dio, Ozzy, Lemmy, Halford, and the other great metal warriors. And, she is still incredibly

beautiful; so much... that it is hard to believe this woman was the first female to perform at the Monsters of Rock in England in


She is a charismatic front woman, with all the right stuff, including a long-term band that are legends in their own right. The

band has a synchronicity that works. Mixing solid rhythm, with the right amount of power they allow Doro to dominate and hold the

audience in the palm of her hand. Clad in form fitting "I dare you to" leather, Doro was slaying dragons by the dozen as she tossed

her flaxen hair, smiled, strutted and sang with finesse. The set was well orchestrated, and even the most die hard metal heads were

being whipped into submission as she sang "Burning the Witches," "Earthshaker Rock," "You're my Family," Judas Priest's "Breaking the

Law," "Fuer Immer," "All We Are" and many more. They finalized with a 3-song encore, including "When East Meets West." Another battle

won, and despite the rather light turn out, Doro and her band, came and conquered.

But, it wasn't over yet! They had one last encore to perform and they did it without instruments or a stage. They had a meet and

greet for their fans at the back of the club. And, they stayed every fan got sprinkled with a little bit of magic; proving the test

of a true warrior princess is the beauty in her soul. Doro is touring the US until April 17th, 2008.

Story by Kim Laplme ©2008.

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Doro Pesch Tour Information from Pollstar