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Brides of Destruction

BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION is the new group founded by two of hard rock's most lethal characters--NIKKI SIXX, the primary songwriter and bassist for Motley Crue, and TRACII GUNS, best known as axeman for L.A. Guns--and rounded out by lead vocalist LONDON LEGRAND and drummer SCOT COOGAN. The group is garnering early critical acclaim for HERE COME THE BRIDES. In a three star review in the new Rolling Stone (March 4, 2004), writer Matt Diehl noted: "On tracks such as 'Shut The F**k Up,' the Brides marry garage rock with live-wire riffage that recalls vintage Crue, circa 1982...Throughout, Brides show toady's whippersnappers how to deliver real cock-rock shock--even the de rigueur power ballad 'Only Get So Far' has cojones."

Elsewhere, Metal Edge praised the album, saying: "Healthy measures of punk, metal and irresistible pop makes HERE COME THE BRIDES an early contender to beat for album of the year" (April 2004). In a Bass Guitar cover story (April 2004), writer Chris Gill enthuses: "...unapologetically balls-to-the-walls rock band with echoes of vintage L.A. glam-metal, Stooges-style street rock and British punk a la the Dead Boys and Generation X. The group's debut, HERE COME THE BRIDES (Sanctuary), has a familiar but ferocious sound that SIXX hopes will once again kick-start rock and roll's heart."

Produced by Stevo Bruno and mixed by Steve Thompson (Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn), the album breaks from the gate with "Shut The F**k Up," a musical middle finger thrust at double-talking politicos. The BRIDES take off from there, slamming out songs of seduction ("I Don't Care"), mortality ("Brace Yourself") and rage ("I Got A Gun"). In an interview with Guitar World magazine (April 2004) NIKKI SIXX says: "There are some tracks where it's just a total fucking car crash. It's like, is this Cheap Trick? Is this the Misfits? Is this the Buzzcocks? I know! It's the fucking Brides!"

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