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Brad Paisley

 Brad Paisley 2016 Country Nation College Tour "Without a Fight"
by Melissa Wease
Photo by Dan Locke
One thing I have to say.  Brad Paisley was awesome. And he gives an awesome show.  Better then Garth Brooks. Even through I am not a country fan, and this is hard for me to say.  I am metal chick.  Into pure metal. And I enjoyed the show very much.

With UWV,  being the school he went to.  It was like a large prep rally,  With the start being a actual prep rally, with cheerleaders and all the elements of a prep rally. Brad did perform a song with them.
He is a great guitar player. If he wasn't playing country I am sure he would be one of a hell of a rock guitarist. I could hear a little bit of Led Zeppelin in his playing.  And he got very personal with the audience.  He even into the audience, and give guitars away, and did selfie with them.  Which I like because the audience got to enjoy him and the show his more. I do hope the girl who phone was used for one of his songs got the phone back.

Brad was on his 2016 Country Nation College Tour "Without a Fight", in which he played free shows on a handful of college campuses.  Including the University of West Virginia.  He performed at the  West Virginia University Law School, Morgantown, WV, USA

He was funny.  Many many cute stories. Some of his songs are dead on with alcohol . Lots of
alcohol and that what is college for.  It all goes together. And what do you do in college,  lots of drinking and road trips.

He did have a opening act. Chris Young. During the show they did do a song together. And he was awesome also. And giving the chance I would go back and see either one.  Being country yes I would.  And I am not a country fan at all.  I am a heavy metal fan. and I here at a country concert and loving it.

Crushin' It
American Saturday Night
Perfect Storm
Letter to Me
(Solo Acoustic)
This Is Country Music / Mama Tried
I'm Still a Guy
(with Chris Young)
She's Everything
Mountain Music / Ticks
Country Nation -(with the WVU Cheerleaders and the Mountaineer)
Old Alabama
Beat This Summer
I'm Gonna Miss Her
River Bank
Remind Me
(with Carrie Underwood via FaceTime)

Take Me Home, Country Roads
(John Denver cover) (Acoustic)
Southern Comfort Zone
Mud on the Tires
Higher Education
(Brent Anderson cover)

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Brad Paisley Tour Information from Pollstar