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Alicia Blu (guitar), Linda Lou (vocals,guitar), Rachael Rine (drums), Terrii Kiing ((bass)

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Getting to know the ladies of Cockpit

Cockpit gave UnRated an opportunity to throw around some questions. It's always great to get personal with someone who lives for music. Rock is in Cockpit's blood and soul, and that's what makes a awesome ROCK GROUP! ~Adam Bielawski (April 2005)

UR: How did the 4 or you come to be?
Rachael and Linda met at a party (Linda was here on vacation from Philly). They hit it off and decided to start a band. So Linda moved to Los Angeles. She posted a bassist wanted ad on Craiglist, and through the ad she started corresponding with Terrii. Terrii came in for her audition and she turned out to be an old friend of Rachael's (small world!). We went through a revolving door of lead guitarists until we finally found the right one.

UR: What's it like being hard metal band of women?
You know, it's no different than being in an all-guy band. We don't really think of ourselves as an ALL-GIRL band - we think of ourselves as a ROCK band. We work just as hard as everyone else. It's hard being a rock band these days, regardless of if you're guys or girls.

UR:Any future tour dates outside California?
Cockpit:We'd love to play Chicago, Detroit, the midwest... Right now we're locked up in our studio, working on new songs.

UR:What was the response at your show at the Viper Room?
Cockpit:The Viper Room show was one of our most fun shows. It was so nice to see people rockin' out. It wasn't your typical L.A. crowd where everyone was standing in the back of the room. People were going nuts, having a good time, which always makes us play twice as hard.

UR:What is the future for the band?
Cockpit:World domination! Platinum for our walls! Seriously though, we'd like to record an album of timeless rock 'n' roll and get on a great tour.

Heavy Judas Priest-style guitar riffs? Check. Bass Lines stolen from Motorhead and KISS? Check. Fat, punchy AC/DC drums? Check. What more could you ask from a band that promises the return of Rock? How about anthem-esque hooks, tasty guitar solos and choruses worthy of an arena? Check, check and most definitely check.

Tired of the lukewarm din dominating Hollywood's music scene and longing for the days of unfeigned, genuine rock when Harley-Davidsons roared down Sunset and smoking was permitted both indoors and out, the members of Cockpit came together as 2003 rolled into 2004. Fate would help them connect after each following her musical aspirations to Los Angeles from far corners of the United States and the world. Vocalist/guitarist Linda Lou packed up her life and moved to the west coast from the streets of Philadelphia. Mayuko Okai, Cockpit's lead guitarist, journeyed across the Pacific from the Land of the Rising Sun. Bassist Terrii Kiing escaped from behind the Orange Curtain (Orange County, CA, USA), and the drummer Rachael Rine hit the road and left a little New Mexican town in the dust.

As each player brought her individual style and flavor to the table, Cockpit instantaneously became a machine greater than then sum of its parts eliciting aggressive, guitar driven, authentic rock 'n' roll.

You want it? You got it!

Biography Courtesy of Cockpit.

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