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The Doors: The Complete Illustrated Lyrics

Author: Danny Sugerman
Published: November 7, 2006

The Doors: The Complete Illustrated Lyrics by Danny Sugerman Review by Melanie Falina for UnRated Magazine [February 21, 2007]
The Doors: The Complete Illustrated Lyrics The Doors: The Complete Illustrated Lyrics

Even to today, few bands have had the kind of sexual, moody, and hypnotic scintillating magnetism as The Doors. Music lovers who weren't even alive at the time of the band's demise have tapped into the mystique of Jim Morrison and company – a band that is so much more than just one of the legends music lovers know they're to immediately respect due to the level of worldwide adoration and musical accomplishments.

In this 200-page treasure trove of musical emotion on paper we can feel a part of the days that made rock and roll history, whether by re-living it, or in a maiden voyage of the mind and senses that Morrison himself would have appreciated.

The lyrics themselves are wonderful – a priceless collection to experience while reading along with the songs by candlelight, or to use as a reference tool.

Yet, this release is much more than the text of a bunch of songs. With excerpts from articles written about the band, concert reviews, and interviews one can easily slip into a dreamy state of historic haze – feeling as though you were there. Also included in this compilation is some rare live material, and the transcript of Morrison's poetry album which was released after his death.

In addition, there are 75 wonderfully exceptional and precious photographs of The Doors' band members – spanning the band's career. To look upon the face of a young Morrison – to see the youthful restlessness, the tortured philosopher, and the beauty of a shining star which sadly burned out entirely too soon prompts a certain melancholy, and a desire to cherish all that was left behind.


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