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UnRated Magazine Review: Rob Zombie Live Supporting Ozzy for the Merry Mayhem Tour
Band Concert Review
Mayhem Zombie

Mayhem Zombie

Rob Zombie Live Supporting Ozzy for the Merry Mayhem Tour

By Adam Bielawski

Supporting his new album (CD) released in November of 2001 with Ozzy Ozbourne on the Merry Mayhem tour which was renamed from Black Christmas. Not appropriate to follow the 9/11 disaster. Rob Zombie was not a show to miss in Chicago to end the 2001 year.

Theatrical of old horror movies from the like's of Dracula, Frankenstein and 60's comedy the Munsters, supporting the Zombie Hit "Dragula" was enjoyment to watch on video and in stage presence

Rob Zombie the previous front man of White Zombie, now forging his name as the mega power of his voice and creativity in new stage persona of the old time horror and scare which brings fresh new blood into the new Rob Zombie brought over from White Zombie and a new line up.

In 2001, having his long waited theatrical motion picture release postponed movie, "House of 1,000 Corpses" we were givin a brief clip to suppport the track. Zombie does not want the picture going straight to video and will hold off possibly till later in 2002, but "House of 1,000 Corpses" must be seen on the big screen. Hopeful of this film, we can expect without delays for this project to hit the screens in mid to late 2002. Pushing it as a true horror flick with no holding back, we'll have to wait.

The formula behind the man called Rob Zombie can be summed up as Metal Boogie + Loud Riffs + Industrial Rock + Movie Soundtracks + Background Sounds + Heavy Guitar and Drums. This magical formula is what pumps the fans and brings his sound to the airwaves and video. Rob Zombie is the living dead which one can not stop and always has a way of coming back. Metal riffs brought to the height of sound, bringing a twist of boogie, hard core industrial sound into the mix, with erie comic book introductions of classic horror and background soundtracks. A musical formula that is Rob Zombie which has been doing for over 15 years.

Horror and B-Movies is what drives Rob Zombie stage and presence from city to city, always proving that the band Rob Zombie are the real, "Return of the Living Dead".

The stage was a mix of Zombie's creature feature with unbelievable explosions of fire which lit the fans to thrash that meek high. Colorful eyecandy with wicked stage sets, girls dancing in the sides. All driven furiously with guitar, drums and vocals proving to all that the world of the supernatural, horror, long hair, fire, explosion, and denim and leather still bring us all a magical exprience that only a few can bring today on stage.