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UnRated Magazine Review: Featuring GODSMACK's Sully Erna Now Available

MELIAH RAGE's 'Unfinished Business',

Featuring GODSMACK's Sully Erna Now Available

By Publicity Release

Reunited Band Confirms Performances & Preps New Studio Effort!

Boston is about to get a lot louder, as the city's original metal act has returned! MELIAH RAGE has reformed, recorded a brand new studio album (which is scheduled to be mixed & mastered in late June for release later this year), and has already booked some festival performances to usher in the new era!

In the meantime, the long-awaited, previously unreleased album featuring Godsmack's Sully Erna on drums, 'Unfinished Business', is now available for sale at Screaming Ferret Wreckords website: www.screamingferret.com. The album, originally recorded in 1992 as a series of demos to shop for a new label after parting ways with Epic, consists of eight emotionally charged aggression with a touch of class - MELIAH RAGE's signature, as well as special 19-minute interview with founding member, guitarist Anthony Nichols, which took place in August, 2002. Anthony looks back fondly upon the legacy created by the band, "I'm glad that we put out the albums we did; I'll never complain about the legacy. We had 3 major label records, 2 MTV videos, toured Europe & the States. How many guys can say that? Do you know how many bands there are that have NEVER done that? I'll always be happy with what we accomplished."

The Track Listing for "Unfinished Business" includes:

  1. Mind Stalk
  2. Moment Of Silence
  3. Ruthless
  4. Decade of Dreams
  5. Blacksmith
  6. Possessing Judgement
  7. Violent Force
  8. Season To Kill
  9. Interview with Tony Nichols (August 2002)

A sample of the song "Mind Stalk" from 'Unfinished Business' is available here: http://www.screamingferret.com/sfw_audio/01_MeliahRage.mp3

The new incarnation of MELIAH RAGE consists of original members Nichols, guitarist Jim Koury, bassist Jesse Johnson, as well as newcomers Paul Souza on vocals and drummer Barry Spillberg (formerly of Wargasm). Original vocalist Mike Munro bowed out of the reunion to focus on the family business. Song titles from the new recording sessions include "Ungodly", "Hate Machine", "Hell Song", and "Church of the Day".

As previously stated, MELIAH RAGE will be re-introducing themselves to America on select festival dates this summer, including The Classic Metal Festival in Chicago, IL on June 28th (also featuring Nasty Savage, Pagan War Machine, Vyndykator, October 31, Twisted Tower Dire, Alchemy X and others), as well as Metal Mind Rage II in Baltimore, MD on August 8th (alongside Zandelle, Gorman Prophecy, October 31, Thundercore, Twilight Odyssey, and mothers). More information about both festivals can be found at the following links: http://www.metal-music-foundation.com/CMF3.html http://www.cmtproductions.com/MMR2.html

Along with the CD, www.screamingferret.com is also selling exclusive MELIAH RAGE t-shirts to commemorate the release of 'Unfinished Business'.

For more information on MELIAH RAGE, visit the group's official web site at www.meliahrage.com.