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(hed) Planet Earth Give Chicago What It Needs

(hed) Planet Earth Give Chicago What It Needs

By Sarah Krenzelak

(Hed) Pe showed no signs of fatigue on the last date of their latest U.S. tour. The band have been hitting the road hard in order to promote their latest album, "Black Out" and provided fans with the sound they have grown to love and support. Coming straight off of the Jaegermeister Tour, the guys continued on to headline a tour for themselves barely giving them time of relaxation. Even though the show was on a Wednesday night, with the late start time of 9 p.m., there was not an empty area in sight. Hed only brought one opening act with them called, "Escape From Earth." This allowed the audience to prepare shortly for the intense show they were about to receive.

The band started out with "Suck it up!" which is off their latest c.d., "Black Out." Audience participation started within the first couple lines of the song as they chanted with the catchy lyrics. Jahred's presence on stage is composed but also gives a sense of intensity that is impossible to ignore. He doesn't need to exhort a ridiculous amount of energy because the way that his vocals carry out through the crowd says it all. Also, let's not forget to mention the other member that causes uproar at the shows, DJ Product. His appearance may not seem to interlock with the rest of the guys but when you see his stage presence, doubts are forgotten. Product produces a drive to the audience. He's the added bonus to the already breathtaking show.

"Feel good" was up next on the list followed by their radio release, "Killing Time." Other songs in the set included "Swan Dive," "Bury me," and "Dangerous." In, "I got you" the lyrics "hear me, feel me, now who wanna ride with me," described the moment perfect as the audience hooted to confirm this question with their obvious response. Every song performed contained infectious rhythms and lyrics that make it unfeasible for an audience not to move to. (Hed) Pe seems to perfect this with every album they release. It's as if they concentrate on how the song will be performed and how well it will play with the audience.

Included in this energy-packed set were the always popular renditions of NWA's, "F*** the Police" as well as Bob Marley's "No women, No cry." The cover was a magnificent way to break into a tranquil moment but is a crowd pleaser ever time I see it performed. The audience gets a chance for a needed break while the band continues to amaze the new fans with something familiar.

As always, there has to be an end to the show. "Bartender" and "Blackout" closed the set. These are two strong songs that both have been receiving some much needed radio airplay. (Hed) Pe always leaves the audience craving more. So responding to the chants, the boys came out to appease them with ONE more song. Slowing it down, Jahred and Sonny came out to do an acoustic version of "Other Side." It's something different from the regular set that Hed Pe provides but it shows the intimate side and the maturity that they have achieved. What's next up for the band? Wisconsin Summer Fest which is always a favorite in the Midwest area. If you're near the vicinity, make sure to head on over there July 5 with another late start time of 10 p.m. It's a show that you will NOT want to miss.

Jagermeister 2003
Publicity Release February 26, 2003
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