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Soulfly Delivering Metal World Wide

Soulfly Delivering Metal World Wide

By Publicity Release

WORLD – METAL LEADERS SOULFLY bring their Music to more places than any other band!! From January through the end of May; Soulfly delivered their unstoppable world metal to the masses by touring in 19 countries and 20 states. They performed in some places, like Macedonia, who have never hosted international Rock Bands. Now, in July, Soulfly continue to bring their world metal music to the people by performing at some of Europe’s most notorious Festivals including a first ever 11 date Russian tour traveling the Volga River on a boat instead of a tour bus. . After touring the European festival circuit Soulfly will return to the United States in September with a Latin flavored bill called AZTLAND Festival. Other performers on the bill are TBA. The performances will be held in venues accommodating over 3000 fans. In the meantime, tune in to Uranium on Fuse TV (formerly Much Music) who will air one whole week of Soulfly - from May 26-30. Uranium will air Soulfly’s video tour diary documented during this Winter’s tour in Europe which features performances in Russia, Greece, Finland, Serbia, Macedonia (a first), Italy, Scotland and more. See the world through their eyes.

Euro-Summer festival and Russian tour dates are as follows:

27 FRANCE - Evreux Festival
28 HOLLLAND - Oosterpoort, Groningen
29 SWITZERLAND - Kaserne, Basel
30 June to Wed 2nd July - FRANCE (TBA)

3 GERMANY -Trier, Sommerbuhne
4 GERMANY - Full Force Festival, Leipizig
5 AUSTRIA - Forest Glade Festival
6 AUSTRIA - Wiesen Festival
11 BELGIUM Dour Festival
12 SWEDEN Arvika Festivals
13 FINLAND Tuska Metal Festival
14 RUSSIA Venue TBA, Moscow
15 RUSSIA Green Theatre, Nizni Novgorod
17 RUSSIA House of Culture, Kazan
18 RUSSIA Manezh, Samara
19 RUSSIA House of Culture, Volgograd
21 RUSSIA House of Culture, Krasnodar
23 RUSSIA Venues TBA
24 RUSSIA Green Theatre, Sochie
25 RUSSIA Green Theatre, Novorossiysk
26 RUSSIA Venue TBA, Anapa

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