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W.A.S.P. Planning Major 2-Part Conceptual Album for 2004

W.A.S.P. Planning Major 2-Part Conceptual Album for 2004

By Publicity Release

Enigmatic rock act W.A.S.P. has resurfaced after a near-year of silence to announce the first details of its highly-anticipated dual album releases, slated for 2004 through Metal-Is/Sanctuary Records. Although early reports suggested that the new albums were to be released this October, the complexity of the as-yet-untitled project did not adhere to the original plan.

Once again recorded at frontman/composer Blackie Lawless's Fort Apache Studios in Malibu, CA, and co-helmed by renowned producer Bill Metoyer, the album will be released in two parts. The first is scheduled for mid-February 2004, and the second, which continues the story of the first, is anticipated for an early May release.

Although the concept of the story is extremely complex & detailed, the poignant plotline expresses notions of lost innocence and the black undercurrent of mass media. Blackie states that the title of this work is not confirmed to be The Neon God, although the perplexing theme is integral to the plot.

The band's lineup for the new albums remains Blackie Lawless on vocals & guitar, Frankie Banali on drums, Mike Duda on bass, and Darrell Roberts on lead guitar. This outing will also feature major orchestration as enhancement & depth to the subject matter.

In addition to a massive multi-legged world tour in the coming year, W.A.S.P. is anticipating releasing an in-depth making of the DVD later in 2004. The upcoming new albums are also planned to have massive multimedia tie-ins.

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