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Something Corporate Brings It's Blend To Chicago

Something Corporate Brings It's Blend To Chicago

By Adam Bielawski

Lead singer and front man, Andrew McMahon, plays the piano with fury. The likes of legends such as Jerry Lee Lewis come to mind as you see this moppy blond haired front man bent over on the piano. Feverishly punching out those black and white keys and feet kicking back and forth, this is not the golden age of rock and roll but today at the Aragon in Chicago. Andrew McMahon is that front man and his mighty instrument facing us sideways with graffiti-like writing stating "We are all friends".

Performing a new favorite and latest release "Space" had all the kids jumping up and down with a well-awaited conclusion, the last radio friendly song "If U C Jordan". The young fans sang along and cheered with hands up high knowing all the words as Andrew McMahon pushed the microphone to the fans to sing loud. Many were here tonight for a first concert EVER. Trying to make their way up front to secure a place to see their punk rock idols up front. Something Corporate brought just that! All the guys worked the fans, however Andrew McMahon had the liberty to be versatile and ran to both ends of the stage singing close as much as the stage allowed for interaction with all the fans.

Supporting the new age punk rockers Good Charlotte for 2 nights in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom all the young fans cheered and wore colors to express their patronage to the bands. Something Corporate was the supporting act, however they had their share of young fans wearing t-shirts that boldly displayed "Something Corporate". This was a very diverse crowd compromised of parents and teens. All the teens crowded and packed the stage area, where you can feel the heat of the pressed kids against the barriers up front, at times one or two taken out for safety. As parents hung out in this old ballroom dance hall in the back area, enjoying the show as their kids were getting crazy with the music.

Amongst the guitar and drums you can taste and feel the piano hitting you and wondering how this penetrated into today's new generation of music. A blast from the past; Something Corporate mix of piano and showmanship of Andrew McMahon drives this band and legions of loyal fans to their show. As Andrew McMahon is catapulting himself on and off his instrument of choice, the piano, Josh Partington (guitar), William Tell (guitar) and Clutch (bass) compliment each other well as they work the stage back and forth supported by the driven beat from Brian Ireland on drums. This is nothing out of ordinary in rock and roll, a reinvention that is brought to the level of music today.

We hope to see the guys back after their support of Good Charlotte with anticipation for their upcoming release North due in late October 2003 by Geffen Records.