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Evanescence's Guitarist Walks Out

Evanescence's Guitarist Walks Out

By Michelle Ballard

Coming quite a long way from the original meeting with Amy Lee at a church camp in their early teens and forming Evanescence, Ben Moody has left the band in mid-tour without so much as an explanation or reasoning.

Following a stop in Stockholm, the lead guitarist and co-founder left, refraining from playing a series of tour dates in Germany. Wind-Up, the band’s label will not elaborate on what this means or whether Moody is to return for later US tour dates or of his future in the band.

Evanescence’s spokesperson did, however, site that the band would still be performing as a quintet, though it’s unknown who will be filling in for Moody. US tour dates begin on November 21st and the tour is to run into Mid-December.

Lee told England magazine Rock Sound, “You don't do that to your band. You wouldn't do that to your friends or your family. You don't do that to anyone."

Current European dates continue in England, marking the first played since Moody’s leaving.

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