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Metal Blade: Winter 2004 Press Release

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2003 was incredible for hard core & cutting edge metal. We saw the rise of Heavy Metal like never before. Philip Anselmo of Superjoint Ritual was given an hour himself to host an entire showing on MTV2. Lamb of God -voted #1 in Revolver, on Sirius Satellite Radio as well as on many other lists. L O G was acclaimed as The New York Times favourite on the Headbangers Ball Tour too! Dimmu Borgir voted #1 Metal record in New Times Papers including Cleveland Scene and is rumoured to be TOPS on Time Out New York’s exclusive BEST list. Unearth signs to Metal Blade!!!

Bands to watch...

Every Time I Die gets major attention in Alternative Press and Spin Magazine. Every Time I Die will tour extensively and re-release their Hot Damn! CD with an at home with ETID...DVD, street date February 24th.
The band will tour the UK and parts of Europe in February with Chimaira. After which ETID will go out on a five week co-headlining run with buzz-band As I Lay Dying and support acts Black Dahlia Murder and Scarlet. Every Time I Die is the band that most bands, fans and magazines are talking about these days. ETID leads the hardcore scene into the future with their incredibly brilliant CD, "Hot Damn!" This release places Every Time I Die on the map of the ever-growing hardcore scene. Every Time I Die's commands listeners to take notice of their technically sound instrumental talent and darkly cynical lyrics.

Lamb of God = LAMB OF GOD'S "AS THE PALACES BURN" VOTED BY REVOLVER MAGAZINE (MARCH ISSUE OUT JANUARY 2004) "RECORD OF THE YEAR 2003!" America has seen Lamb Of God this year... the band toured eight months; three of which were on the history making MTV 2 Headbangers Ball Tour with Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, God Forbid and Unearth and now, Lamb of God will now take a few months off to write and prepare for their next record (Epic Records). In the meantime.... LAMB OF GOD IS SET TO START THE NEW YEAR WITH THE JANUARY 13 RELEASE OF THEIR FIRST DVD "TERROR AND HUBRIS." THIS SPECIALLY PRICED ($9.98) DVD COLLECTION CONTAINS OVER 50 MINUTES OF MATERIAL INCLUDING THE BAND'S TWO VIDEOS "BLACK LABEL," AND "RUIN," 4 EXCLUSIVE LIVE TRACKS, BAND COMMENTARY, INTERVIEWS, AND NOT TO BE MISSED BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE.

Boys Night Out is championed by Alternative Press readers, whom in the month of November- wrote in more letters to the magazine for BNO than for any other band. This Winter BNO released a scorching new record on Ferret titled Make Yourself Sick…. putting Canada on the map as home to this year’s hottest export. Tour dates later on in this news letter - read on.

Superjoint Ritual toured 8 months in 2003 will now break to write new music then head out to tour in America and Europe in March; after Hank III does a two month solo tour. SUPERJOINT RITUAL - Philip Anselmo hosts an hour show on MTV then- plays The Smoke Out Festival in front of 60,000 FANS in San Bernardino California. SUPERJOINT RITUAL ROLLS UP A BILLBOARD SPOT with the release A Lethal Dose of American Hatred! Superjoint Ritual is on tour with Devil Driver! Remaining dates are as follows. After this tour, SJR break to write another record then hit the road again in the Spring!

Byzantine = from Virginia - will release an over the top heavy CD for Prosthetic Records. Link for the Byzantine track "Hatfield"

Unearth signs to Metal Blade and will record with producer Adam D of Killswitch Engage, release date is Spring 2004!

Vocalist Trevor informs, "It has been almost three years since the release of a full length record; in that time we have matured as a band, we can’t wait to record. We have really come into our own as a band and it shows in the progression of our music". "We are eager to get new songs out there we have been playing the same great songs since 2001 and we know we can do even better". Unearth recorded their debut CD (Eulogy Records) with producer Adam D (Killswitch Engage) on the knobs. Unearth know and trust him as a producer. Trevor elaborates on that by telling us, "He (Adam D) is the ONLY guy... we looked around for months to see who could do the job, there are some really good people out there, but no one comes close to Adam D".

2003 was a big year for the band, Unearth gained a lot experience especially on the recent -successful MTV2 Headbangers Ball tour with Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall. Now, the band have put together some heavier new music - not changing their signature steamroller style of metal, but certainly, forging a mature progression of it. Trevor assures the fans, "we did not change our sound we just have better songs". "We have been influenced by a variation of the great music that has been coming out, we can’t help but be influenced by such bands as Kyuss, Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age... and Cold Play keeps our sanity on the road, now, we are looking to finish this new record and get on the road again".

What Producer Adam D says about the recording of the new Unearth record and about capturing the pure heaviness of the bands sound.. "It's gonna be sick. Sick like wicked good, not like influenza. I'm setting aside money from the budget to collect heavy things for inspiration in the studio. I'm surrounding the drum set with cinder blocks and sand bags. I've got anvils to strike when we need them. I stroke a bowling ball as we do guitars, and there are several weight sets throughout the studio. It's gonna be absolutely retarded, but in a good way."

Guitar player Ken is "honored to be on Metal Blade now after years of being a long-time fan!" "The new record is a huge release for Unearth, we are putting our hearts and soul into the band- the next record is going to set president for what Unearth truly is." "We want to turn people on to heavy music, not radio friendly- just brutality, the new music will change the way people look at heavy music. "Our Fans are important, they kept us above water so to speak but we write the music for ourselves and hope to put out more music that an Unearth fan will like".

More news to come...



No strangers to the stage...BNO guitarist Jeff is an actor who starred in Goose Bumps, and also played an elf in Santa Clause with Tim Allen. Jeff also has done a bunch of voiceover work for Pepsi. Boys Night Out comes from the hotbed of indie/punk/emo bands; where last year "Long Island" was the "New Seattle"... This year, Ontario (Toronto) Canada is the "New Long Island."

Boys Night Out is the next big thing when it comes to aggressive pop punk. All five-band members of Boys Night Out continually test their endurance and devotion to their art by putting in an overwhelming amount of energy into their music and touring. Boys Night Out's first release, "Make Yourself Sick" (Ferret Records) exposes the pure heart the band gives to their sound. They will shock people with their well-detailed, multi-layered tracks on this impressive debut. Boys Night Out isn't a night or day job, Boys Night Out is the soundtrack to their lives. Witness their intensity on their tour!

Himsa = released their album in June and continue to tour and take names!
HIMSA: HEAVY music for daytime sleepers and nighttime killers.

In Sanskrit, "ahimsa" means "abstaining from causing hurt or harm." Appropriately, the Seattle-based Himsa dropped the "a," thereby reversing the definition. Just as the true meaning of the word "himsa" varies from culture to culture, its relevance and significance to each band member varies - however, a single theme unites the meaning of the word for the quintet: pain.

Assembling the finer qualities of bands like Slayer, Iron Maiden, and In Flames, while adding a shot of hardcore undertones, punk rock culture and gothic rock aesthetics, Himsa’s music is as violent and dark as their name suggests. The complexity and aggression of their latest offering, Courting Tragedy And Disaster, could not be more perfectly suited for the world in 2003 - musically and conceptually - echoing the specific fears and insecurities that plague so many of us these days.

The band’s second album, Courting Tragedy And Disaster, is unleashed upon the public alongside considerable media attention, including rave reviews from MTV, Metal Maniacs and Kerrang. Iann Robinson, on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, declared, "few bands in the year 2003 have released a record as aggressive, well written, or just damn good as Himsa===[fusing] together the best sounds of Testament-style thrash, Cro-Mags-style hardcore, and Deadguy vocals into a sound that sums up one of the best albums of this year, hands down."

Since forming in 1998, Himsa have suffered an astounding series of line-up changes that would have been disastrous for most bands. But the band entered Robert Lang Studios and Orbit Audio in Bellevue, WA to record Courting Tragedy And Disaster with a line-up which had remained solid for two years: bassist (and sole original member) Derek Harn, John Pettibone on vocals, Sammi Curr and Kirby Charles Johnson on guitars, and Tim Mullen on drums.

With the experiences of having played in such diverse-sounding and influential bands prior to joining Himsa (Trial, Undertow, Nineironspitfire), the quintet have united their collective creativity and technical prowess to carve out their own chunk of flesh from the heavy music genre - a new sound that’s already being embraced by the trinity of heavy music scenes (metal, hardcore and punk) and beyond.

Despite the myriad of setbacks and accidents that have befallen the band, Himsa remain a staple on the touring circuit. Years of diverse touring packages all across the world (North America, Europe, and parts of Asia that had never hosted a North American metal band) have made Himsa as comfortable playing alongside AFI as they are with bands like Atreyu, Bleeding Through, 18 Visions, Haste, and The Red Chord. In fact, the band have so embraced the touring lifestyle that they’ve dedicated eight months of their lives to touring in support of this album.

Through the years, Himsa have evolved into an original metal-hybrid maintaining the hardcore roots in which the band was spawned. Courting Tragedy And Disaster features eleven tracks poised to introduce the aggressive music world to an explosion of harmonic thrash core unlike any heard before.

Soulfly = will release a fourth and highly anticipated record on Roadrunner; after an extensive WORLD tour in 2003. MAX FROM SOUFLY MAKES A SPEECH AND COLLABORATES WITH FORMER MEGADETH BASSIST

Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera is no stranger to the stage, but later this month he'll be speaking to an audience rather than singing to it. Max has been asked to address the Philosophical Society's 319th Session at Trinity College in Dublin. The vocalist will speak on the topic, "Is music losing its right to an artistic license?" Since 1684, the college has called upon many speakers. Among them - Winston Churchill, Frederic Engels, JK Galbraith, Bertrand Russell, and U2's The Edge. Max's address takes place November 13th.

Soulfly's new lineup is moving at a rapid pace through recording sessions for their next disc. The foursome have holed themselves up at Mesa's Saltmine Studios and completed nine tracks. Among the tentative titles are: "The Prophecy," "Living Sacrifice," "Defeat U," "Mars," "R.A.F.," "Born Again Anarchist," "Believe," "Porrada," and "Soulfly IV." Former Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson has contributed to four tracks, and Terry Date (Deftones, Pantera) has been tapped to mix the disc in the coming weeks.

Dimmu Borgir - just finished a five month World Tour this Fall/Winter and became EVERBODY’s favourite Norwegian dark, symphonic metal band!


DIMMU BORGIR, the world's premier black metal band, made the biggest splash of their already illustrious career as their brand new album Death Cult Armageddon landed on the Billboard Top 200 at #179. The band also brings a large blast of Nordic air to the Billboard Heatseeker's chart, grabbing the #7 position. Their emergence in the American marketplace only helps to underscore the growing global importance of the band. They currently hold the #2 position on the Norwegian chart, #9 in Finland, #12 in Germany, #14 in Austria, #35 in France, #42 Holland and #54 in Switzerland.

Terrorizing the land of the free and home of the brave, only the strongest survived the DIMMU BORGIR tour of 2003 with bands Nevermore, Children of Bodom, and Hypocrisy. If you were one of the chosen to witness the hellfire that the kings of Black Metal unleashed on the hills and valleys of our sweet homeland…- consider yourself fortunate. D B, in support of the brand new Death Cult Armageddon, the Norwegian keepers of hell geared up to command their army of darkness into a march across the U S. you may have been salvaged, but the blood trail surely left you wondering what has been sacrificed. Unite with the march to Armageddon!

Want to be in Playboy?? Playboy is looking for a few interview subjects for an upcoming article. Playboy wants to examine the world and dedication of hardcore Paul Booth fans from around the globe. We assured them that Paul Booth has THE MOST dedicated fans and we offered to let you prove it by letting you speak for yourselves! If you want to be interviewed for this article send an email to: playboy@darkimages.com and describe how committed you are to Paul's dark art and describe what you would do to wear it. No holds barred; be as crazy as you want...we dare you.

Paul Booth recently filmed a segment with the Travel Channel on "Tattoo Masters" which included Francis Mark (From Autumn to Ashes) showing off his newest tattoo masterpiece, courtesy of Paul Booth's demonic artistic talent.

Paul Booth recently returned from a week on the road with Slayer! The Jagermeister Music Tour asked Paul to sign autographs with the band as they traveled the northeast. Also, while touring we collected over a thousand raffle entries to win a Paul Booth tattoo. It turns out that the winner is a local NY musician who has never been tattooed before! Man is he in for it... Congratulations, Emilio!!

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