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Nonpoint: What a day!

Nonpoint: What a day!

By Sarah Krenzelak

"You're about to take a mindtrip," screams Elias of Nonpoint. A mindtrip?? Yep, that

DEFINETELY happened at Oasis 160 on Friday night. Nonpoint, a band based out of Florida, graced Chicago

Heights with their presence on a mini-tour to give their fans one last glance before the New Year hits.

Never seen Nonpoint before?? Well, you're missing out on one of the best live performances that are

hitting the music scene. Each member possesses so much energy and stage presence regardless of the stage

size. Nonpoint provided enough power to fill an entire football stadium, pack that into a small concert

venue and imagine how much that feeds through each person.

The band has proved that regardless of radio airplay they can still draw a loyal crowd. Their fan base is

determined to provide them with the recognition that they deserve. Fans have even driven hours just to

attend their show. Fridays show consisted of fans who flew in all the way from Philadelphia and North

Carolina. Nothing will stop a Nonpoint fan from experiencing energy that will keep them hyped up for

weeks. It's the "Nonpoint Fix." From the moment that they take the stage, you're put in a trance which

lasts until the minute they leave the stage.

The show started off with a song titled "Orgullo." The English translation means "pride." Andy Goldman's

insane guitar playing begins the song, which is immediately recognizable. It was the perfect to start off

the night. Regardless of the song being in Spanish, everyone was singing right along with them. The fast

tempo brings out the fans energy from the first note that Elias sings. Continuing with songs from their

album "Statement," "Victim" was next up on the list. Known for the chorus, each fan already knew what was

expected of them when asked to sing along, hand motions and all.

"Excessive Reactions" also includes some audience participation. Elias spotted the clapping of hands by a

few fans in back before he even asked for everyone to participate. He pointed to the group, and asked the

audience to join in with them for the song. The crowd started to get even more intense as time went by.

Many stood in back while fans showed their extreme devotion to the band by moshing with one another.

Next up was a song from "Development." The song starts of slow, with an introduction to the song by Elias

making circular motions and chanting. The crowd is left in ever lasting anticipation for Robb to start

pounding away on the drums to begin "Circles." It was time to now throw in a new song to the mix. The

song has been performed at a few other shows and has received a fantastic response. Nonpoints new album

is expected to hit the stores by Summer of 2004. The song is titled, "Crowds."

After the fresh taste of new they head right back to the sounds of old with "Back up." A highlight is the

antics of Ken, the bass player for the band. His insane facial expressions and interaction with fans on

stage is enjoyable to watch throughout the entire show. In seeing the band perform live you can focus on

one member and be entertained the entire time. Each member holds their own in their stage presence, which

is why as a whole they are unstoppable. "Endure" follows along with "Your Signs" and into "Mindtrip." A

little treat for the fans was the performance of "Snooze Button" which is originally done by Snot.

The band departed from the stage, with chants of "Nonpoint" taking over the building. Andy arrives back

playing the riff to the song that put them on the music map. After about 20 seconds, the rest of the band

take stage and lead into "What a Day." Elias includes the audience for one last time in chanting and

singing along with him while high-fiving as many fans as he could. The excitement and intensity has to

come to an end sometime. The fans live for their live show, they thrive off of it and wait for the day

until they get to experience it yet againÂ…..hopefully sooner rather the later.

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