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Macabre`s `Holiday of Horror Six` with Usurper

Macabre`s `Holiday of Horror Six` with Usurper

By Jerry Parsley
Photos by Jerry Parsley

2003 was a fantastic year for metal music in general and especially for metal maniacs in the greater Chicagoland area. The Windy City throughout the year had the distinct privilege of hosting many of the very best bands the metal music industry has to offer. As the holiday season approached, Chicago's Metal Legions selfishly wished for one more "metal gift" before the end of the year. Those wishes were granted on Friday, December 26th at the Metro, as Chicago's own Macabre held its "Holiday of Horror Six."

The all ages "holiday" show began at 6PM with highly metalized performances by Devil To Pay and Orion 9. Inflict was the next band to be unleashed on the Metro Metal Masses as they skillfully energized the crowd for the almighty "Warriors of Iron and Rust"...Usurper.

Usurper ignited their assault with the ultimate metal anthem, "Metal Lust" from their recently released metal masterpiece entitled, "Twilight Dominion." These "old school" metal tyrants flawlessly executed the "Slaughterstorm" that their utterly delirious fans furiously demanded. Usurper recently welcomed back its original drummer, Apocalyptic Warlord and has also acquired an awesome new "vokillist" in Danny Lawson. These two "soldiers of metal" proved to be magnificent additions to the band and thoroughly excelled throughout the set and especially during the song "I Am Usurper." The mega dynamic, twin guitar duo of Rick "Rigor" Scythe and Carcass Chris NEVER sounded better and intimidating bassist Necromancer is simply an astonishing performer. Usurper wrapped up their slice of the "Holiday of Horror" show with an exceptionally entertaining version of Mercyful Fate's "Black Funeral." At this point, the Metro Metalheads went totally ballistic!

UsurperIt was now finally time for the merciless host of this "Holiday of Horror" to "kill" the crowd with their original brand of "Murder Metal." Macabre hit the stage with a vengeance as they ruthlessly blazed through titles from their recent release appropriately entitled "Murder Metal" as well as songs from throughout their distinctive fifteen year career. Macabre rip through their songs in rapid fire fashion and execute them with the precision of a long range sniper. And of course, the songs always deal with the underworld of serial killers. Vocalist and guitarist Corporate Death is an incredible talent with an exceptionally commanding stage presence. Mr. Death's guitar riffs shred like a knife and bleed perfectly with the bass playing of the murderous one himself, Nefarious. One of the most impressive aspects of Macabre is the supreme quality of the musicianship. And speaking of supreme, Macabre drummer Denis The Menace is without question, one of the preeminent percussionists in today's heavy music scene. The Menace is simply...AWESOME! Macabre's lethal mix of death metal & punk, with a little black metal thrown in there, is totally unique and highly entertaining. Their fans are fiercely loyal and they left no doubt about how much they appreciated the bands truly outstanding performance.

Macabre's "Holiday of Horror Six" was a huge success and the perfect way for Chicago area metalheads to celebrate the holiday season and the end to one hell of a year. HAIL to Macabre and the Metal Gods! And as always, Stay Heavy...

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