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Slipknot: Roadrunner Media Release

By Publicity Release

A lot going on in this month of March, take note:

Slipknot - before the month ends, Slipknot will have officially started their first tour since...since 2002. That's right, starting March 30th, Slipknot will be headlining the Jagermeister Music Tour with Fear Factory and labelmates Chimaira in tow (and headlining the 2nd stage of Ozzfest this summer). Strap in, big boy. March 30th will also mark your first chance to download a new Slipknot song off their upcoming CD. However, you don't have to wait till then to hear new Slipknot, a song titled "Don't Get Close" can be found on the just released MTX:Mototrax game for PS2 and Xbox.

Slipknot Links You Should Know:
www.loudside.com - no luck getting Slipknot tickets to the upcoming Jager tour? Loudside.com is giving away a pair for each show, try your luck at winning.

www.slipknot1.com - it's up and running...but the true (sic)ness starts March 30th. This is where you will be able to download you first song of new Slipknot, and much more.

www.roadrunnerrecords.com/freeshit - Enter for a chance to win your own Sony Playstation 2, copies of the new MTX:Mototrax game, and Slipknot DVDs

What else doth the month of March bringeth? It shall bringeth 'Prophecy,' the new CD from Soulfly on March 30th. And said new CD shall bringeth you 5 bonus live Soulfly tracks. For details on this, and to hear new Soulfly and see the band's new video, check out www.soulfly.com/ecard

Ahh, March also brings new 36 Crazyfists. Their sophomore release - 'A Snow Capped Romance' - hits streets on the 16th. The band just show-cased new material from the CD to a sold-out crowd in their home of Alaska. Check out the new material for yourself at www.36crazyfists.com/ecard

And though not spawned in the month of March, Red Tape's debut is out. Educate yourself on this punk quartet outta Sacto at www.redtapearmy.com/radioactivist

All above being said, we now would like to send a special welcome out to Machine Head. Welcome back. Their new CD - 'Through The Ashes Of Empires' - will be hitting the US on April 20th. Much more to come on this.

Soulfly Review From Chicago June 2003