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Toby Lightman: Bringing Back Rockin Soul

Toby Lightman: Bringing Back Rockin Soul

By Adam Bielawski

I had the pleasure of hearing the beautiful Toby Lightman Live at the House of Blues in Chicago on March 6th, 2004. Toby walked out on stage in a kind of shy manner with golden hair that just floated. Toby is on tour in her support in her Lava Records debut release of "Little Things". Her track "Devil's and Angels" being played on soft rock stations and given high support when Toby performed the song at the House of Blues this night.

Toby carried her wonderful sounds through out her performance and eased everyone back to a good sense of oneself. Singing passionately, she carried soul to her fans that came out to give her patronage. Stopping between songs and bringing people deeper into her music. At one point mentioning, "just three months ago I was playing downstairs in the dining room of the House of Blues." Not tonight, tonight she is on stage with all eyes and ears upon her, giving full attention to hear her voice, which gives a great feeling of warmth and sense.

Toby Lightman took center stage with her acoustic guitar while flowing through each song. Many were here tonight to show the support, others recognized Toby from the previous week on the David Letterman Show from February 27th, 2004. Toby's voice and genuine feeling for her music shines as she takes her vocal talents in many musical directions with such songs as "Frightened", where you feel the eerie sounds in her voice.

Toby will make a great impact as a singer/songwriter and joins the ranks of such greats as Sheryl Crow and others. She truly will touch you deep within your soul or love of music.

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