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UnRated Magazine Review: Jamming at Tweeter with Q101
Band Concert Review
Q101 Jamboree

Q101 Jamboree

Jamming at Tweeter with Q101

By Bill Schupp

Q-101 Jamboree

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The unseasonable chill at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park could not short circuit the electricity in the air for the Q-101 Jamboree. Two full stages and the Sonic Boom tent kept festival revelers hopping to catch the action. Even the security forces couldn’t even put a damper on the day’s events. It’s a good thing that most were smart enough to leave their missile like objects at home. The hassle that this reviewer got for a pack of smokes in the pocket, left him oddly appreciative of the airport baggage checkers whose name he cursed merely one week earlier. Still, the show rocked.

Local H

This band absolutely deserved a better spot, as they played to a still bumming cold crowd. That’s the power of hindsight. After all, who can guess the weather? This band came out rockin’. The screeching trademark guitar was powerful and the distortion intense. Too bad the crowd was cold; the band was hot. They delivered one of the best big finishes in a long time. Don’t miss these guys at the next opportunity, they are still on a roll.

Our Lady Peace

A restructured band did not let down. They brought the girls screaming to their feet for the opener, and the band did not let up as they delivered their mass consumed radio hits. The band did project a driving beat and the guitar interludes had passion bringing the crowd to some real highs and lows. Look out for their new release. Based on the performance and energy projected at this show, the CD should jam as well as provide an emotional force.


HoobastankThis band came out thrashing. Definitely made the day worthwhile. Pounding rhythm and soulful vocals really brought the crowd into gear. Can’t write enough good things about this act, a definite crowd pleaser. Power like this hasn’t been around since Iron Maiden was kicking out 70000 watts of it back in the 80’s. They brought the crowd to their feet and sent us off in a feeding frenzy craving more.

The Strokes

The StrokesThe band opened to a crowd on their feet in anticipation. Although they possess a driving rhythm and melody, this was not the day. Although the audience was mostly pleased, after the intensity of Hoobastank, this band brought many more back to flat. This band will hang in there and succeed though. The Lou Reedish vocal, good guitar breaks, and Cheap Trickesque rhythm were worthwhile. They were a crowd pleaser, but the 3-chord blandness did not produce the anticipated blockbuster that was expected.


This was the wrong act for that crowd at that moment, especially after the build up of the previous acts. After working through the initial set, they did put out an interesting 4-scratching version of Aerosmith’s Walk This Way. Run DMC’s collusion with the original band was more interesting, however. Not much to say here---Pass.

Tenacious D

Tenacious DThe crowd definitely needed the boost provided by these minstrels. Even with the large standing audience, the act had the feel of hanging out around a keg in Jack Black’s basement singing, laughing, and having a good time. Thanks are in order for the tribute to Dio, and the Cosmic Shame. Rock on, Jack Black.


Billy’s back. The trademark pounding beat, powerful front and Billy’s rocking your soul vocals from the Pumpkins remains, albeit tweaked Billy’s way. The band truly projected power, and although the emergence of “our old friend” Marianne Faithful sent many of the young one’s fleeing; this is not to detract from the overall performance. Billy must have slept through Metallica’s foray into the abyss with Marianne Faithful, but he’s definitely back with a full force band made to his specs. ComEd should bottle some of this energy. Pounding thunder, awesome bass and beat, and great guitar work throughout the set enhanced an entrancing musical embrace, “Jesus, I”. Goodbye D’Arcy and James.

Kid Rock

A great cap to the day, Kid Rock brought the house down. Mancow introducing the rocker with his full cast brought the day to it’s close. Kid Rock riding in on his bike set the house ablaze. If you’ve seen his show before, there’s nothing new to report here. Hopefully Kid will be kicking out a new twist soon.