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UnRated Magazine Review: Written by Kathleen Strelow - (iUniverse, Inc. 2002)
Band Review
Head Case

Head Case

Written by Kathleen Strelow - (iUniverse, Inc. 2002)

By Melanie Falina

For anyone who was a fan of hard rock and metal music in the late 1980's and early 90's, Strelow's rock and roll odyssey Head Case creates a head-banging stroll through what was to many of us, our formative years.

Head Case is the first installment of the chronicles of Regi Sebastian, drummer of the rock group "Pages." Written in a simple, easy to read narration that almost gives the effect of not reading a book at all, but instead getting the juicy low-down from a best friends over dinner and drinks.

Regi Sebastian seemed to have it all, a successful rock and roll career and the utter love and devotion from her husband Mickey, the sexy lead-singer of Regi's band. But all too often, especially in the entertainment industry, wealth and success go hand and hand with drugs and alcohol. After luckily cheating death in a drunken stupor that involved a motorcycle, Regi and Mickey now are both clean and sober, working on a new album, and trying desperately to start a family. But this spunky drummer who isn't afraid to get sweaty has to constantly battle not only with her own demons, but some unforeseen obstacles as well.

As the constant desire to drink haunts Regi, problems that arise with the people she cares about compound with recording studio pressures, infertility, marital problems, and a dangerous foe disguised as a friend all lead Regi into a whirlwind of personal tragedy and drama.

Head Case has a bit of any thing you could possibly ask for from a rock and roll story, everything from both the glamour and grit of the rock and roll world, to sex, drugs, and even murder. It's a true page-turner that nags at you when you put it down because you want to know what's going to happen next. Quite a fun read for anyone who likes an action filled storyline, but for those of us who had our own dealings with rock and roll bands this is a must read as, to contradict one of Strelow's critics, this book isn't as cliché as one might think – it's frankly, quite relatable.

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