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UnRated Magazine Review: Written by Kathleen Strelow - (iUniverse, Inc. 2002)
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Written by Kathleen Strelow - (iUniverse, Inc. 2002)

By Melanie Falina

If Regi Sebastian were my friend, I'd want to strangle her...but, being that she's a character in a book, it makes for great reading.

In this sequel to Strelow's first novel, Head Case, Whiplash picks up where the other one left off, continuing the saga of rock drummer Regi Sebastian and her husband/rock vocalist Mickey.

Now 1995, the 80's are long gone and grunge has taken over the airwaves, Regi is perfectly content at home, retired for the music industry and enjoying motherhood. Or is she? With a distance wedging it's way between Regi and Mickey as he's preparing to go on tour with his new band, Regi decides to purchase her favorite local club to insure that it remains a haven for rock and metal fans. And as a ‘ghost' emerges from Regi's past, she now deals with a lot to sort out emotionally, but she also finds the business partner she's been hoping for in running the club.

But Regi will be Regi, and one thing she does well is repeatedly making a mess of her life. As her relationship with Mickey dwindles, her love life gets complicated again, putting not only herself, but also several of the people who care for her, in precarious turmoil.

Strelow's storytelling ability is flowing and captivating in an easy to read narration that's filled with...what else, but the heavy metal trinity - sex, drugs, and rock & roll! Whiplash offers 228 pages of rock and roll fringed drama with a jaw-dropper at the end. Can't wait for the third in the series!

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