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UnRated Magazine Review: Aragon Ballroom, Chicago on November 5, 2004
Band Concert Review
Slayer: Reign In Blood Chicago

Slayer: Reign In Blood Chicago

Aragon Ballroom, Chicago on November 5, 2004

By Doug Loge
Photos by Adam Bielawski

I must first admit I am not a huge Slayer fan. I saw them twice before, in the late 80's. I thought I would take this assignment to see how Slayer has changed. They haven't changed, and that's not such a bad thing. One thing metal-heads cannot say about slayer is that they have sold out, or have become commercial.

The stage lights went down and the crowd, about 4,000, started yelling Slayer, Slayer, Slayer, which is the thrash metal equivalent of the rock chant Freebird. Slayer put on quite a show lasting about 1 hour 40 minutes. The played lots of newer material as well as old-school standards off of their albums Reign in Blood and South of Heaven. They didn't play Black Magic, but Die by the Sword almost made up for that. One thing that surprised me about the concert was the stage show. There were no floating pigs or giant projector screens, but the lights were pretty cool. Plenty of multi colored light saturated the stage, and additional strobe lights added to the atmosphere.

So what was the crowd like? I would say the crowd encompassed the whole rock spectrum from mohawks to longhairs, and from shorthairs to no hairs. Everyone was having a good time thrashing, moshing, or bodysurfing to slayer. One of UnRated's photographers even claims that he saw an old man with gray hair bodysurfing.

The night came to and close and simulated blood fell down from the heavens (rafters) as the band thrashed out their final song, Raining Blood.