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UnRated Magazine Review: OzzFest 2002 is Happening!
The Ozzman Report

The Ozzman Report

OzzFest 2002 is Happening!

By Mike Romcoe

We all know Ozzy‘s career has had is share of ups and downs, but over the past few years the bat-biting Brit’s popularity has exploded. It all started back in early 90’s, when Ozzy started up a tour that combined a hearty line-up of fresh, hot talent with old-fashioned, kick-ass heavy metal and Ozzfest was born. In 1998 a miracle happened; Ozzy reunited with his original band Black Sabbath and recorded a double live CD entitled “Reunion” (1998 epic records). The 99’ Ozzfest showcased Ozzy with Black Sabbath, who dug up and played all those hits we love from the grave. His fans were excited and eagerly awaited their chance to see all of the original band members perform. I remember every band in the rock industry wanted to be a part of that show. It had an energy ring around it that truly made you feel that you were about to be a part of something really cool. I will always remember that show for the rest of my life. Around the end of 2001, Ozzy released “Down to Earth”(epic) a CD that explains how Ozzy really feels about things. In 2002 Ozzy allowed MTV viewers into his home for a hands-on look at life with the Ozzman and his family Sharon, Kelly and Jack, suddenly “The Osbournes” became a popular reality based television hit. The surprisingly hit show also inspired a CD titled “The Osbournes Family Album”, which features Ozzy, John Lennon, The Kinks, Eric Clapton, System of a Down and even Pat Boone covering “Crazy Train”. Since Ozzy has been splattered across the “band-wagon jumping media” they allow him to dive into a variety of different markets. Suddenly it’s cool to like Ozzy, listen to Ozzy’s Music and even hang out with the guy. Oh my God! Hell has frozen over. He has had dinner with president George W. Bush, received a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame and even participated in a USO show where he lived out his fantasy of driving a tank. What will the Ozzman do next? Ozzy has just recorded another live CD “Live at Budokan” scheduled to hit the streets on June 25. To view more about Ozzy’s success just click on www.ozzy.com.

February 21, 2002

Ozzy lived out one of his dreams Wednesday when he got behind the wheel of a tank and took it for a joyride before his USO show for the troops stationed at Camp Casey in South Korea. An avid reader of WWII books and a History Channel buff Ozzy has always been fascinated by the rolling thunder of these war machines. Check out this priceless photo of Ozzy commandeering a tank with two of America's finest by his side.
Source Ozzy.com

Ozzy Walk of Fame OZZY GETS HIS STAR

Thirty-two years in the making, it finally happened: the Emperor of Rock, the Madman of Metal got his day in Hollywood. As Hollywood mayor Johnny Grant announced April 12 "Ozzy Osbourne Day in Hollywood" short speeches from Marilyn Manson and pop star Robbie Williams preceded the Ozzman's steepin' up to the dais to accept his cherished star. In front of over 2000 screaming fans (the largest ever for a Walk of Fame ceremony, according to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce) Ozzy briefly acknowledged his family, friends, fans, but he seemed a bit nervous as he stepped down and walked around to actually view the seal. In front of Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum at the corner of Hollywood and Highland Ozzy Osbourne, founding father of Metal, saw the the star and indeed became a believer.
Source Ozzy.com