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Pantera Guitarist, Dimebag Darryll Murdered

Pantera Guitarist, Dimebag Darryll Murdered

By Adam Bielawski

December 8, 2004 Dimebag Darryll of the band Damageplan and formerly of Pantera Murdered on stage in Columbus, Ohio. Just as Damageplan took the stage and went into its first set the gunman opened fire and Dimebag was one of the victims. Dimebag was one of the great guitarist in the Metal Community and very inspirational to so many young bands as the lead in Pantera. I give my condolences and I know the rest of the world does to such a heinous crime.

Pantera by me can be considered the Harder Part of Metallica. Being totally un-compromise on stage and selling out the same venue the best-known artist representing hard trash metal of the 1990's through 2002.

Cowboys from Hell launched Pantera as one of the hardest driving bands in the 1990’s in the metal community. Where heavy metal glam took decay and the metal of the 1980's was seeing its demise in mainstream, Pantera drove strong and took on the domain of the heavy metal community compromised of lead singer Phil Anselmo, Dimebag Darryll (guitar), Rex Brown (bass) and Vinnie Paul (drums).

Pantera one of the few that took the hardest extreme of metal to the Billboard charts with the release of Far Beyond Driven of 1994. Continuing till its breakup only a few years back as Phil Anselmo started his own projects and other controversies in the band cause the breakup of closed doors between members. Cowboys From Hell considered Pantera first national release brought legions of fans that were looking for their next icons of metal in the 1990’s as grunge was making the scene and the glam metal was fading fast and into metal history (till recently of the revitalization). Their next release Vulgar Display of Power (1992) considered to many as the best Pantera album and a cover that is not forgotten of punch in the face. I remember reading a story that the dude who had his faced pounded multiple times to get the cover a very low price. What fans will do. As Pantera released their 4th album The Great Southern Trendkill (1994), it was not taken the same by fans and critics as previous albums. Pantera went into a different direction as many bands do as they grow and mature. Into 1997 Pantera release Official Live: 101 Proof with 2 new songs packed into this live album. The final release before the Pantera parted ways with their individual projects was Reinventing the Steel in 2000 that brought sold out concerts through out the tour. This was last time the band was together as Pantera.

As the late 1990's came into Pantera, Phil Anselmo took on side projects such as Down, Viking Crown, Southern Isolation and currently touring with Superjoint Ritual which appeared in Ozzfest 2004 on the main stage. Dimebag Darryll and Vinnie Paul took on their own in Damageplan which recently seen the loss of Dimebag Darryll on December 8th, 2004 and the loss of ever bringing back together the original cast of Pantera considered the driving force of the 1990's heavy metal thrash scene.


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