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UnRated Magazine Review: Chicago Riviera Theater, November 19, 2004, Chicago, IL
Band Concert Review
Megadeth Laughs at Adversity; Blackmails the U.S. & Europe

Megadeth Laughs at Adversity; Blackmails the U.S. & Europe

Chicago Riviera Theater, November 19, 2004, Chicago, IL

By Mike Romcoe
Photos by Adam Bielawski

Three years ago Guitarist/Vocalist Dave Mustaine sustained a debilitating nerve injury in his hand that threatened to put an end to his long respected metal band, Megadeth. The injury, sustained during sleep, left him unable to use his strumming hand. Mustaine, determined to overcome his misfortune, rehabilitated himself enough to complete the U.S. leg of Megadeth's "Blackmail the Universe Tour", and plans to tour Europe next month.

We caught the Chicago leg of the Tour in November at the historic Riveria Theatre. Happily Mustaine's guitar playing sounded great, though he appeared to be expending great effort and could only do half of the leads. To compensate Megadeth acquired Guitarist Glen Drover (King Diamond/Eidolon), an excellent guitarist who did justice to the songs. Missing from past shows was Mustaine going wild on his axe and whipping his blond hair around. However, considering Dave ‘s condition he still kicked ass! Not missing was Mustaine's much loved growling vocals and cynical attitude. Megadeth completing the line up was Bassist James MacDonough (Iced Earth) and Drummer Shawn Drover, brother of Glen Drover. The show was well worth seeing as well as braving the cold Chicago climate. Dave played his heart out! And it showed! Which will be dually noted and logged by all.

"Unequal Justice for All" was printed across the stage set, reflecting their new CD's title "The System Has Failed." They played their new cut "Die Dead Enough along with "Back in the day" This song prompted Dave to remark about the 4 great metal bands of all time "Slayer", "Anthrax", "Exodus", Metalli-Something…then, he added the fifth, by popular demand of course, "Megadeth" The crowd went into a frenzy as Dave gave respect to his beloved fans. Between sets Mustaine came to the front of the stage while the audience chanted "Dave, Dave, Dave." "The doctor said I'd never play guitar with this hand again, but it seems to be working pretty well now," laughing at adversity, Mustaine told the audience, then raising that hand asked "what do you think?" to which fans went on to give him his just reward. Before exiting Exodus came out on stage and joined Dave to thank all his loyal and thrash-thirsty fans for all their support. Finally, Mustaine said, "as long as you guys are out there we'll always be together."

Set list:

  • Blackmail the Universe
  • World on Fire
  • Skin of my Teeth
  • The Scorpion
  • Wake up Dead!
  • Something I'm Not
  • My Darkest Hour
  • Angry Again
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Reckoning Day
  • A Tout Le Monde
  • Die Dead Enough
  • Trust
  • Tornado
  • Kick the Chair
  • Hanger 18
  • Sweating Bullets
  • Symphony of Destruction
  • Back in the Day
  • Peace Sells
  • (Encore) Holy Wars

Story by Michelle Mussatto and Mike Romcoe

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