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UnRated Magazine Review: Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL - March 11, 2005
Band Concert Review
Lamb of God Takes Control As Support for Slipknot

Lamb of God Takes Control As Support for Slipknot

Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL - March 11, 2005

By Amy Massaro
Photos by Shayna Shaffer

Upon a black stage a cryptic prayer started off what was to become a fast paced, extreme double bass, in your face lashing of black metal! Lamb of God took over the stage at the Allstate Arena Friday March 11, 2005. A part of the Subliminal Versus World Tour, they were the band to be setting the tone for headliners Slipknot, to take the stage thereafter. Vocalist Randy Blythe belted out a truly demonic sound with a wide range of octaves, keeping up to the ever-changing pace that only got heavier. Out with a new album"Ashes of The Wake," Lamb of God put forth full effort into pleasing the crowd with singles such as"Laid to rest" and"Now you've got something to die for". Together since the early 1990's they were a good reminder of other pioneer metal bands like Slayer for their expansive lyrical usage and Testament to name a couple. Lamb of GodDrummer Chris Adler threw down with an amazing biomechanical like ability. The rest of the group kept up with precision timing and a rawness that added fuel to the fire that continued to blaze on for the remainder of the show. Live on stage their adrenaline pumping; high-energy performance had lead man Blythe jumping around randomly across the stage with fellow band mates thrashing away with instruments in hand. Never tiring out, they finished up their set with an older tune of theirs"Black Label" which left the audience chanting for more.

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