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UnRated Magazine Review: Motley Crue is Laughing all the Way to the Bank with their new Tour and Album
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Motley Crue: The Great Rock in Roll Swindle

Motley Crue: The Great Rock in Roll Swindle

Motley Crue is Laughing all the Way to the Bank with their new Tour and Album

By Trent McMartin

Motley Crue's Red, White and Crue...Better Live than Dead tour has been such an astounding success that a second tour aptly titled the Carnival of Sin tour with Sum 41 has been created to meet demand. The new greatest hits album Red, White and Crue is selling well and there are plans to release an album of all new studio material in 2006.

According to the band's website they will end up playing over 100 dates in 2005 with most of the shows either sold out or close to capacity. The tour could last three years singer Vince Neil was quoted as saying on the band's site.

The Crue are no strangers to reunions since the original members reunited in 1997 for an album and tour but again went separate ways soon after. Nobody expected this level of success for the 80's rockers least of all the band but exactly why is everyone so excited?

Nostalgia is a powerful entity and the band members and their PR people were smart in keeping the reunion under wraps. This caused rumours to run rampant and interest too build.

Then the band, seemingly out of nowhere reunited with a new hits album, a new tour and a media barrage convincing the public that their return was necessary. And in some ways there was a void to fill but it was that of the nostalgic kind. Motley Crue has not had a hit album or hit single in 15 years so a majority of their fan base is over 30.

It can be said that the success and interest Motley Crue is experiencing is an accumulation of the constant press coverage (mostly Tommy Lee) concerning their personal lives coupled with people's curiosity and nostalgic feelings.

Many concertgoers expected the reunion tour to be their last and gobbled up tickets quickly so not to miss out. Than a second tour under the new banner of The Carnival of Sin tour was issued for August.

And now a new album is said to be in the works with new material being written currently on their present tour. The new album of course will be followed by an ensuing tour.

Curiosity and nostalgia only take you so far, just ask KISS who have had so many reunion and farewell tours that interest in the band has bottomed out. KISS had plans to tour Europe in 2003-04 but promoters and venues nixed that idea due to lack of interest and their unwillingness to pay the band's fees.

Now with the success of Motley Crue, other nostalgia acts, mostly of a lesser quality will be flooding the touring circuit. Bands such as Europe, Queensryche, Cinderella, Warrant, and lets not forget Poison have all been reunited as of late or decided to tour too jump on the bandwagon.

In the end you have to hand it to Motley Crue. They're good businessmen and they have persuaded us in believing what's old is new again. So until the bubble does burst and interest wanes, were stuck in a time warp. Oh well, like the old adage says, if you can't beat em', join em'. Now pass me the bottle of hairspray?

Top 5 Reasons to See Motley Crue

5. It's an excuse to bring out the spandex and headbands.
4. Having a night out with the wife and pretending she's your personal groupie.
3. Too claim victory over all those grunge acts that supposedly killed off 80's glam rock
2. Hearing "Girls Girls Girls" somewhere other than the local Strip Club
1. Too party like it's 1989

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