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UnRated Magazine Review: Bassist for the group The Who Dies of Heart Attack in Las Vegas
John Entwistle of the Who Dies at 57

John Entwistle of the Who Dies at 57

Bassist for the group The Who Dies of Heart Attack in Las Vegas

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Photos by Rich Kwasniewski

John Alec Entwistle co-founding member of the super rock group The Who was found dead at age 57 in his Las Vegas hotel room. The who were about to start a 24 city tour starting on June 28 in Los Vegas. John Entwisle was the power behind bass and was considered one of the best in rock and roll for 38 years during the life span of The Who. According to Clark County, NV spokesman Ron Fud, that the cause of death was a heart attack. A rock legend that will be remembered for all time as part of the Loudest Groups in History.

June 28 was the start of a new 24 city Who tour starting in Las Vegas. The opening night show has been canceled as are several concerts in California. The band has not made any comments as of yet and the current tour is not knows beside the canceled shows. (updated 6/29/02 The Who announced that the scheduled tour will continue, hopefully without reschedules in any cities.)

John Entwistle was always known as the silent member of the who and much of the time expressionless, that pulled out powerful bass sounds which was the foundation to Pete Townshend guitar and Roger Daltrey's on vocals and drummer Keith Moon who died in 1978 and recently for Zak Starkey, Ringo Starr's son.

Many referred to Entwistle as Ox, born on Oct 9th, 1944 in London, England. Classically trained on the French Horn, John performed in a youth orchestra as well as Jazz Bands throughout his youth before meeting Pete Townshend in 1958. This was the birth of what was later to be called The Who. In 1960, Entwistle joined Roger Daltry in the group called The Detours, highly recommending his Jazz band mate Pete Townshend and then bringing on Keith Moon on drums and renaming the group to the The Who. Hitting the charts several times from 1965 - 1966. The who was the new generation of rock in London.

Exposure to the US started around late 60's when the group finally reached a hit on the charts in 1967. Their defiance to all was the voice of a generation where the band destroyed their instruments on stage during the final set of the shows. Many never even know that John Entwistle was even in the group but as he stated, "I never would have been able to walk on-stage if I didn't think I was the best bass player in England," The Who at the time was considered one of the best live bands then and probably of all time. What can one say about a band that held the honor as being the loudest band in the world in the Guinness World Book of Records.

The powerful rock opera named "Tommy" propelled the super group to US super status with innovation and music and later put into a movie that won awards and brought in an all star music as well as acting staff.

John Entwistle tall and silent bass player contributed much to The Who much contribution to The Who in writing, backing vocals and playing. Entwistle recorded more than a half dozen solo albums during the 1970's.

The Who officially broke up in 1982 with final dates in Toronto, Canada. Regrouping to do a mid 85 performance for Live Aid, then again for the reemergence of the 20th Anniversary of Tommy tour. Through out the 1990's the who have been performing on tour either together or in solo projects. Very active in the past few years John Entwistle will be missed.

John Entwistle is leaving behind his son, Christopher from his first two marriages. John Entwistle Born Oct. 9th 1944 - June 27, 2002.