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UnRated Magazine Review: Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL - February 23, 2005
Band Concert Review
Dimebag Darryll Benefit Show

Dimebag Darryll Benefit Show

Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL - February 23, 2005

By Dan Locke

It was a mild February night.. The last Wednesday of the month and I was on my way to the show of the year... "The Dimeback Darrell benefit memorial fund concert starting Disturbed, Anthrax, Soil and Drowning Pool in Chicago at the famous Aragon (“Brawl Room”) Ballroom. I had heard rumors that members of Metallica were in town for the show, so I was really ready for a full night of "Heavy Metal Music". Once I got to the door there was a longer line of people waiting on getting guess passes then regular paid fans. Maybe because off of the bands have some time of Chicago hometones with them... But the guest list was at least 10 pages.

The show started on time with Soil hitting the stage first. They started out with “Breaking Me Down” and during “Cross Heart”, Soil front man jumped into the crowd. And just did the song from the crowd. The crowd loved it, everyone was getting the closest they were ever going to their rock and roll hero. The set finish up with Give It Up, My Own, Jaded, Redefine, Save Me ( A Damageplan cover) ,and Helo with Phil Demmel from Machine Head.

After a short break Drowning Pool hit the stage. Nothing really excited happen during their set. The song list included: Sinner, Think, Hate, Love and War, Killing Me, Step UP, Messing In Blood (Pantera Cover), Tear Away, Bodies. I should restate that during the songs bodies were falling toward the stage. This was the breaking song for the band back a few years with original singer Dave Williams that passed away during a tour of Ozzfest on August 14, 2003. Coming back with a new vocal talent and a song that shot up the airwaves with Step UP which included a major adult star in their video.

During the break: Nick Bowcott from Grin Reaper played a 20 guitar solo. The crowd got into it for about 5 min. After that they really didn't seem to care. The show was at the half waypoint of the night. At this point the show didn't really say much to me. Let the second half begin, Anthrax came on stage. Opening their set with “Fucking Hostile” (Pantera Cover), Caught in a Mosh, Safe Home, Inside Out, Anti-social, What Doesn't Die, Indians. A New Level (Pantera Cover with Vinnie Paul on drums and allot of other people etc. Pat Lachman (former guitarist of Halford and Pantera). The show was getting better, now headliners Disturbed was to be on next. Before they hit the stage they played a 10-minute movie in honor of Darrell. It basically showed highlights of his life. As the movie ended Disturbed came on stage strong and hard and as any past show night with Distured, they were true to form! Disturbed played very well and they played for every fan that came out in support. There was no short changing anyone, Disturbed did give you the reason why you love Heavy Metal. They opened with “Bound” and the rest of the set list went on with Voices, Intoxication, Believe, Fear, The Game, Liberate, Remember, Down with the Sickness, Prayer, Stupify and Walk (the Pantera cover, with a ton of people on stage. In fact it was a big fucking mess. They all were drunk or stoned, it was not good at all). The closing song was Cold Gin (Kiss Cover, again with allot of people on stage.)

The whole show was just above average; this should have been a tribute to Darrell Abbott. But I feel that the way the show was run it was nothing but a big let get drunk in honor of Darrell Abbott. And just to add, the biggest disappointment of the night was no members of Metallica came on stage to give their respects as they were watching from the VIP section

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